Are you a new leader who’s ready to grow your team business 


BUT, you’re stuck when it comes to the leadership and coaching side of your direct sales / network marketing business?


Then grab your FREE Direct Sales Leader’s Coaching checklist,


15 Effective Tips to Confidently Coach Your Direct Sales Team to a Successful Start!! 




Does this sound like YOU?

  • You’re feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and overall confused on how to build a successful, expanding and productive team 
  • You’re great at your personal sales but lack practical leadership and coaching knowledge and experience.
  • You need clarity on WHAT exactly you should be doing to build your team, WHO and HOW to coach, and WHERE to find and lead these people.

Would you like to be …

  • more clear on your own expertise and experiences to lead and coach your team
  • able to easily find new consultants to grow your team
  • the creator and motivator of a more productive, cohesive and growing team?


  • you had total confidence in yourself and could see how to start and grow a thriving team business?
  • you could actually coach a new consultant to a successful start and beyond?
  • you could spend 30 minutes on a FREE call with me and leave with an action plan on where you can begin
  • you never, ever, ever, needed to feel inadequate about your coaching and leadership skills?


There are many new leaders who have experienced, or are experiencing exactly what you are. They have started to sponsor a team, but are unsure what to do next when it comes to getting the team side of their business up and running so they can actually begin earning an income on the most lucrative part of the direct sales / network marketing business. I was one of those consultants! Fortunately, with my background in training and coaching, tons of invested training, and my goal setting “action” mind set, I figured it out.


As your Coach, Mentor and Advisor, I will help you to grow the team side of your direct sales and network marketing business and help you shorten your learning curves. I will make you feel more confident and successful as a leader and a coach during your direct sales /network business experience. It’s time to get in the team building game and kickstart and expand your team business! There is no need to be stuck any longer.


  • Figure out exactly who it is that will be joining your team, and the best ways and where to meet them
  • Custom design your exclusive method of coaching a brand new consultant and beyond
  • Develop your leadership and coaching skills
  • Run effective and powerful meetings, trainings, conference calls and opportunity events
  • Create motivating team building activities such as team communication, incentives, recognition and celebration
  • Improve Goal Setting, Booking, Selling, Presentations, Hostess Coaching and Recruiting for yourself and your team
  • And so much more!

If these words are resonating with you, or you feel like taking immediate ACTION, PLEASE connect with me and sign up for your FREE 30 Minute “Ready, Set, Goal” Discovery Session. We can then decide together how I can best support you in turning your direct sales / network marketing business goals into the business you’ve always dreamed of.