10 Steps to the Best Business Launch!

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10 Steps to the Best Business Launch When starting a direct sales business, so much of your future success in the business rides on having a good start! Having a successful business launch could mean a chance to earn back your initial sample investment and a good start at making an income right away plus an opportunity to meet enough potential hostesses to book your first few initial shows.  Whether you are a brand new consultant or someone who is training and coaching a brand new consultant, you will need to focus on a few tried and true activities to have a great launch!

Here are 10 STEPS that will ensure the Best Business Launch:

Call it what it is…A BUSINESS LAUNCH!

You are launching a brand new business. If you call this first demonstration at your home, an Open House, the importance of this first demonstration is reduced. By calling it an Open House, you are telling people they can drop in anytime, there can come or not come. A business launch gives it the importance it deserves. People are more apt to support you when starting a business if you advertise it that way.

Do it BIG!

This is a business launch so make a little SPLASH! For your first in-home demonstration or show (your BUSINESS LAUNCH), do something special! Have special food, wine or champagne, and/or a special “business launch” cake as these are your friends and acquaintances. You want to let them know that this is a BIG deal for you! 

Invite everyone you know!

Whether you use a FRANK list, Memory Jogger list, Prospecting list, Who Do You Know List or your Hot 100 list, invite everyone you know. Don’t focus on just your best friends, be sure to invite acquaintances so you can draw from the biggest group of people possible. The more people you invite, the more people will attend your business launch but also the more people who will know you are starting a brand new business.

Do special BUSINESS LAUNCH invitations!

You can personally invite people face to face, send e-vites to people who live in the same town, do a Facebook invite (and personally message) to let people know who don’t live in your immediate vicinity you’ve started this business (supply your website link so they could order on-line or have an online show) and of course paper/card invites for those who don’t use email/Facebook  or neighbours/acquaintances who you don’t have addresses for. This might seem like over-kill but this increases the amount of people who will know you are launching a business and who will ultimately attend or participate in your business either now or in the future.


Doing this before your business launch or any demonstration will always increase attendance. This is a great opportunity to remind everyone that they can bring people you don’t know. The more the merrier for a business launch and these strangers are the people you want to concentrate on when booking more demonstrations at your business launch.

Invest in a large starter kit!

The more samples you have the more you will sell at the start of your business. Investing in a bigger kit will also give you more motivation to make this endeavour successful in order to make your money back. If you have a new consultant, consider lending a few of your samples to ensure your consultant has enough product to demonstrate and introduce to her guests.

Create Excitement!

There are many ways to create excitement for your business launch so that more people attend! Build desire for your product by wearing it or displaying it wherever you go leading up to your business launch. Talk about it, be excited about starting this opportunity and share it. Talk about what you’ll be serving at your business launch and who will be attending. Talk about your giveaways! Let people know how excited you are to see them at your business launch!


Having giveaways during a business launch is a fun activity that will create excitement, sales and bookings! I don’t recommend that you do them at all your demonstrations but I certainly do for your business launch. Some ideas for giveaways are draws for anyone who orders over $100, people who bring 1 or more guests, and people who book a show. If you plan to do this, be sure to advertise in your invitations and when you personally invite people in order to create excitement. You don’t have to give your samples away as a giveaway. You could give free shipping, a small candle or other small items.

Have fun!

With everything you do in business or life, the more fun you have doing it the more successful it will be. People gravitate towards people who are excited and happy about something! Not only will they want to attend your business launch, but if they have fun at your business launch they will feel more apt to participate. Having people talk about your business favourably by word of mouth is exactly what you want. If your guests had fun, they will want to replicate what you are doing by having their own demonstration or by joining your team.

Book more shows at your Business Launch!

The more demonstrations/shows you book at your business launch, the best chance you’ll have at making this a successful endeavour. I would advise my consultants to make a BIG deal about booking those first shows and I would recommend that they have about 6 hostess packages made up in a nice gift bag with a bottle of wine in each and have them displayed on the display table with the samples and to speak about how their first 6 hostesses will receive this special gift for helping them get started in their business.  I would also encourage the consultant to pre pick the dates she wanted filled in the calendar and have people sign up for those dates only! First come, first served! This usually meant that they would book the desirable dates based on their New Consultant start-up program which ensured they earned extra bonuses, commissions and samples for doing a set amount of business during a certain time. The program ensured they had the BEST START! By dropping the necessary booking seeds throughout their demonstration, those 6 hostess packages were taken home and the consultant was guaranteed a SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS LAUNCH!

Let me know in the comments what you recommend for a successful business launch! If you’d like to have more tips on helping your new consultants become successful right from the start, subscribe to my e-bookThe Direct Sales Leader Checklist: 15 Effective Tips To Confidently Coach Your Direct Sales Team To a Successful Start!



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