3 Ways Using Incentives Can Motivate

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3 Ways Using Incentives Can Motivate Knowing when and who to use incentives with can help you as a leader to coach and motivate your direct sales / network marketing consultants to create a successful business for themselves. By using incentives you will help motivate them to increase their productivity and profit which in this business means your productivity and profit increases as well.

The 3 ways using incentives can motivate are:

1. With a brand new consultant.

Using incentives with a brand new consultant will motivate them to have a successful start. Most direct sales / network marketing companies have some sort of NEW START program that rewards them to get started quickly. How much more motivating would it be for your new consultant if they saw you, their upline, put in your time and investment in helping them succeed. In their first week in business, spend time training them on new consultant training and be sure to help them (train, role-play, observation) book their own demonstrations within their first 6 weeks. We all know that consultants who experience success at the start will keep motivated to continue beyond their initial three months in business. What worked well with my consultants was to give an incentive when they booked their first 4-6 shows in 4-6 weeks. When they did this, they needed to email me with the subject line: I DID IT! I always found that giving a product sample (that they didn’t have in their display and might not get for a while) would motivate them to get to their goal. Make sure you communicate the importance of getting started early and strong! Also ask them what motivates them to succeed! For some, they achieved it because they loved the intrinsic value they got from reaching a goal they had set and proving to themselves they could do it, for others it was about pleasing someone else (partner, children, upline), and for some just having that precious item was motivation enough and it did the trick.

2. With an under-performing / disengaged consultant.

Using incentives with a consultant who is under-performing and perhaps disengaged could possibly bring them back. Again, set a coaching call to discuss goals and find out what they would like to achieve that month. Take the opportunity to train them on how to achieve these goals. Find out what motivates them. Why did they get started doing this direct sales /network marketing business? Get clear on how achieving their goals would help them achieve their WHY (the reason they got into the business and why they are doing this business now)! The time you invest in coaching them and the added benefit of your investment in the form of an incentive could help to engage them again. For this consultant it could be money, business supplies to continue doing business or something else that could be a treat for them to make them feel happier! One of the best incentives I ever ran was the chance to win 3 hours housecleaning service. First, I asked them to listen in on specific training calls ( I wanted to make sure they were listening to recruiting and building team calls) and then I asked them to email me their key takeaways!  For each call they listened to and each key takeaway they sent in, their name went in on a draw for 3 HOURS of housekeeping services! Women who are running a home-business don’t want to spend time housecleaning in my experience. There were many consultants coming out of the woodwork to win that prize!

3. With a consultant on the verge of a promotion

Using incentives with a consultant who is working on reaching a new promotion will give them the extra push to achieve it! Sometimes this means you might also be promoting too. Again, have a coaching call with this consultant and have the “What motivates you to succeed” call. In this case, I have given anywhere from $50-$500 depending on the promotion level, covered the cost of their hotel room at conference, dinner out for two, spa services, etc. This is a great investment in your business because if your consultant achieves their promotion it means they’re selling more, recruiting more and coaching their team more which all means more profit for you too. This shows your consultant you believe in them and you are invested in their success!

Using incentives can motivate your consultants to succeed! It also teaches them one way they can motivate their team too. Encourage them to pay it forward with their team! This is one of the ways your team can continually grow!

If you would like to know more about getting confident to coach your new consultants to success, click here.

I would love to help you with your team business! Connect with me for a 30 minute call to see whether one on one or group coaching is for you!

Leave me a comment with the best incentive you ever ran for your team that got the most engagement!




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  1. Another great article (and advice) Sandra! I enjoy reading your column and recommend your one on one coaching often. 🙂 Continued success to you.

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