30-Minute Review My Business Session


rvwbizsessions After more than 4 years of leading a direct sales team of 800 plus consultants, I’ve assembled some amazing rescuing strategies for solo-entrepreneurs in the Direct Sales Industry. What I want you to know is this – You CAN make money in direct sales.

In my very first year of direct sales I was achieving success. I had a great coach who helped me reach six-figures in my second year. I then began coaching the women on my team to do what I did and they became successful too! I realize that some women struggle when they first start in direct sales.  My goal is to help them not to struggle but flourish and to avoid overwhelm and feel more balanced. I want to make sure they don’t give up before they achieve the success that could be around the corner. I’ve been there and I can coach and help you to be successful in direct sales too, whatever your goals are.

Do you want to spend 30-quality minutes with me as I review key areas of your direct sales business and provide you with actionable strategies on how you can improve in these key areas? You totally can now.

This review can also highlight specific questions from you as they relate to your direct sales business.

I’d love to share a few ‘get-going-in-the-right-direction-today’ tips that will really help you and make an impact in your day-to-day direct selling operations – without totally consuming your life.

What is Consulting?

Individuals or organizations retain consultants for their expertise. While consulting approaches vary widely, the assumption is the consultant will diagnose problems and prescribe and, sometimes, implement solutions.

I can:

– Help you get clear on where you are going in your direct sales business.

– Help you learn to budget money so you have that “extra” cushion in your account for training, conferences and even consulting (such as this one)

– Help you book those extra shows that you need in order to keep your business and bank account alive.

– Suggest improvements based on my review of your business.

– Share my list of resources – the people who helped me (and can help you too!).

– Help you learn how to delegate, manage your time more effectively and create a comfortable work/life balance for yourself.

Please contact me directly for more information.

Sandra really helped me out during the 30 minute Review My Business session. I am essentially new to the direct sales industry and I had a lot of questions. My sales were pretty good, but I was very disorganized and had no focus. In just 30 minutes, Sandra was able to help me get organized and put different plans into place to increase my sales and my recruiting skills. I highly recommend Sandra and I plan on doing the longer sessions in the future!

Angela Medaglia Bontes www.angelabontes.myepicure.com

When Sandra and I met for 30 minutes to review my business, we accomplished more than what I did in 30 days. She guided me in the right direction so that I could put a plan into action. I was inspired and motivated to get started right away. Ideas kept coming to me days after we met, based on the focused discussion we had. Sandra is very knowledgeable and has first-hand experience in direct sales and growing a business. I recommend any of her sessions. Money well spent!

Anna Cervo, www.pamperedchef.biz/annacervowww.annamariacervo.myepicure.com

“Not quite what you’re looking for? Perhaps my Pick My Brain Session or my One-on-One Mentoring Call for Leaders would be a better fit!”

*My Review Your Business sessions will only be done via phone or Skype and a questionnaire will be sent to you prior to our call.

$49 – 30 Minute Session



This package is perfect for the direct sales consultant who has recently started their business,  those who are within their first 12 months and those who may be struggling but are looking to turn things around.


Attention Direct Sales Leaders

Now, you have the option to purchase my Review My Business Sessions for your team. Use these sessions as gifts and/or team incentives. Let me help you help them.

Special pricing is available:

5 sessions or more $40 each
10 sessions or more $35 each
Please contact me directly for assistance with these options.