5 Conference Team Building Activities

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Going to your direct sales / network marketing conference with your team is one of the best team activities you can do. It’s where the BEST training, celebrating, connecting and fun can happen with your team. The memories you create with your team during conference will last a lifetime. You’ll make many connections with other consultants, leaders and head office staff. Those who join you at conference will be super engaged in their business and will continue building their business beyond the conference.  Now that you’re going to conference with your team, are you wondering what type of activities you as their leader could do to help everyone feel part of your team, say thank you and give back for all their hard work all year?

Here are 5 Conference Team Building Activities:

  1. Meet and greet!  Before the conference starts or at the beginning, it’s a great idea to meet each other, connect with all your downline, especially people who live outside your geographical area. There’s an opportunity here to do something really fun, do some recognition and celebration (promotion, sales, sponsoring and other things) and hand out team gifts or individual gifts.
  2. Team t-shirt/hat! A team t-shirt/hat or other object with your team name or an inspiring quote that your team identifies with, can be a great team building activity. This will unify them as a team. Not only will they be able to recognize each other, it will make you and your team stand out amongst the crowd at your conference.
  3. Gift! Bring a gift to your team thanking them for being on your team (it could be the t-shirt/hat above) or a gift that will help their business, which is a bonus. Some ideas are a journal, a business or inspiring book, or just an inspirational card with a personal heartfelt message and a gift card. Your team will treasure a genuine message from you!
  4. A team dinner or activity! This could be shopping together, a wine tour, spa day, a team dinner or a headshot. During this time, you can spend time together and bond as a group. You could even use this activity to give back. This could also be a great activity to organize with your leaders as your team gets bigger.
  5. A team picture!  Organize a time sometime during conference to take a team picture with your team and then have your leaders take one with their teams as well. You will have a great team memento and a great visual, year after year of how your team going to conference has grown.

All these team building activities can be used as a prize your team earns as incentives during the few months leading up to the conference based on sales/sponsoring/etc or you can use your team budget to pay for some of these activities as gifts to give back to your team.

With these team building activities, you’ll create a team that has bonded over joint activities and they’ll have memories that will bind them together much beyond the conference. You’ll have also shown them your gratitude for how hard they worked all year through and recognized and celebrated their achievements. Your team will increase their productivity and profit after conference and of course, you will too!

If you’d like to know how to be a better leader with an engaged team that makes more money, you can start here. Leave a comment with a team building activity you do with your team during conference?

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