5 Direct Sales Tips for a Thriving Summer Business!

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The days are getting HOT! The kids are out of school! You’re in direct sales / network marketing and now you’re panicking and wondering, “HOW AM I GOING TO HAVE A THRIVING SUMMER BUSINESS”?

5 Direct Sales Tips for a Thriving Summer Business

Here are 5 direct sales tips for having a THRIVING  SUMMER BUSINESS:

1. Office Parties!

Not everyone is on holidays! I know you think everyone is but there are tons of office buildings all over FULL of people who are not on holidays! If you were stuck in an office building during the SUMMER wouldn’t you love to have some FUN? When you’re calling your prospect list, think about all those who work in offices that would love to have you come in with your products during their lunch hour. Offer and say, “I’d love to come in during your lunch at your office and do a party or show for you and your office mates”!

2. Teachers!

Whoo Hooo! The teacher’s are out for the summer too!! And if they’ve told you throughout the year how busy they are, now is their time to have FUN! Call all the teacher’s, bus drivers, university professors and anyone else you can think of that has more time in the SUMMER! This is a perfect time to offer them a show or presentation.

3. Pool parties, BBQ’s, Cottages and Camps!

What do people love to do in the SUMMER? They love to let loose and have pool parties, bbq’s at their cottages and camps! Wherever people are getting together offer to bring your products for a casual presentation or show. What get-together can you offer to bring a FUN presentation to?

4. Traveling!

Are you traveling this SUMMER? Are you going back home or to a brand new destination? With a little pre-planning now you can connect with people you know in those areas who you normally don’t get to see. Offer a fun get-together with their friends to show your products/services. In a new place, can you attend a vendor show to showcase your products and perhaps find a new consultant to grow your team in a brand new area?

5. New People!

Summer is relaxed, casual and fun! What new places are you hanging out? Are you taking your kids to camps or summer programs? Are you hanging more at the park or going to the pool? Summer is a great opportunity to meet new people you might normally not be in contact with. Always be making new contacts, building new relationships and expanding your network.

If you’d like to work with me to improve your direct sales /network marketing business, you can contact me here. If you’d like to know how you can organize yourself to be more productive this summer (next blog post) or if you are bringing new people onto your team and would love to know how to get them started so they are successful right from the start get my e-book, Direct Sales Leader’s Coaching Checklist, 15 Effective Tips to Confidently Coach Your Direct Sales Team to a Successful Start and subscribe to my newsletter.

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Leave me a comment with your ideas for a thriving summer business!

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