5 Essential Parts of Effective Team Meetings

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5 Essential parts of effective team meetings Team meetings are an essential part of developing and growing your team business! It is here where you get to be a leader to your team. Every meeting is an opportunity for you to train, coach, recognize, celebrate, inspire, motivate and have fun with your team.


Here are 5 essential parts of effective team meetings:



At each meeting, have a story, a consultant or a situation that will inspire others to do something extraordinary. Do you have a consultant on your team who has done something to go outside of their comfort zone? Is there someone who used their product to pay it forward or give back? Did someone have a great idea that moved their business forward? Was there someone who helped another consultant and went above and beyond? Give examples of people on your team who are doing these types of activities to inspire others on your team to do the same. Have these individuals talk about what they did to inspire and give ideas to others to improve their business. This activity will set up your team meeting for success. Have this be a regular part of your team meeting. I had a Team Spirit Award and I regularly looked out for people on my team doing extraordinary things to give this award to at our team meeting.



At every meeting, there should alway be training. What do your consultants need? At times of the year when you have a brand new product line, you can train on how to merchandise, speak about and sell the new product. At other times it could be about how to improve bookings, how to sponsor, how to handle objections, or how to sell using the seasons. It’s always good to survey your team to find out what they need. Sometimes just giving ideas about what others on the team are doing in their business and having open discussions can be such a great learning experience. Remember that you can use the talents on your team for this. Who are the top sellers on your team? The top recruiters? Who has the top producing teams? Have them deliver parts of the meeting so that they can be recognized, and help to train the whole team.


Recognition and Celebration

Recognizing and celebrating your team is an essential part of leadership. By recognizing and celebrating these consultants you are letting them know you appreciate their hard work. You can recognize them with a small gift, applause, or just being recognized in front of a team for great work. In order to help the rest of your team, have them talk about how they were in the top sales, top recruiting or top coaching categories. Again, this training moment will help other consultants who aren’t in the top get ideas for what they can do to improve their business. This recognition can also be very motivating and might inspire someone to strive to get there.


Motivation and Challenge

Always have your consultants leave the meeting motivated to complete a challenge so they are always moving their business forward! Did you train about how to move beyond their family and friends? You’ve given them the tools, now motivate and challenge them to book a vendor show, go to a network group, or do a cold booking blitz! When they do, have them let you know. Did you train them on increasing sales? Give them the tools and then motivate and challenge them to set a BIG goal before they leave the meeting. Have them let you know when they achieved it! Did you train them to increase their team, then give them the tools and motivate and challenge them to book a certain number of sponsoring coffees the following month. Again keep them accountable by having them let you know when they’ve done it! Leave them with a motivating challenge that will make them stretch in their business!


If people are having fun at meetings they will want to attend and bring others. What are you doing to make your meetings fun? Can you have a theme? Do you have fun giveaways, food, and/or drinks? You can change the scene by having team meetings at different consultant’s home, a coffee shop, restaurant or even plan a fun activity around it. Your imagination and that of your team is the limit! Having your team help plan your meetings can bring about a lot of other great ideas and lighten your load.


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