5 Must-Have Gifts to Give Your Direct Sales Team

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Get Your Direct Sales Team Started With a Bang in the New Year!

After more than 4 years of leading a direct sales team of 800 plus consultants, I’ve assembled some amazing rescuing strategies for consultants and leaders in the Direct Sales Industry. In my very first year of direct sales, I was achieving success. I had a great coach who helped me reach six-figures in my second year. I then began coaching the women on my team to do what I did and they became successful too! I realize that some women struggle when they first start in direct sales.  My goal is to help them not to struggle but flourish and to avoid overwhelm and feel more balanced. I want to make sure they don’t give up before they achieve the success that could be around the corner. I’ve been there and I can coach and help you to be successful in direct sales too, whatever your goals are.

These Must-Have gifts can be used as end of the year gifts, team incentives and/or recognition! They are:

1. A Goal-Setting Workshop in Ottawa.

Your team has big plans for their direct sales business; including sales, promotion and team building goals! You know they want it all but they just can’t seem to get motivated and the thought of reaching these goals seems overwhelming to them. Setting business goals is crucial to having the income and personal success they want and deserve!

Gift them this two-hour goal-setting workshop where I’ll walk them through how to set SMART and highly motivating goals, figure out what could sabotage them on the way there and learn how to be prepared to handle these situations.

Learn more about this workshop and purchase tickets here.

2. A Goal-Setting Tele-conference or Webinar to reach your whole team.

DREAM IT! CREATE IT! LIVE IT! Goal-setting for direct sales growth. Now, you have the opportunity to have me deliver this training to your teams. Let me help you help your team. I will only be booking 4 of these sessions with direct sales leaders for January 2015 so book your date today! Please contact me directly to find out my rates.

3. The 30 Minute Review My Business Session


I will spend 30-quality minutes with your consultant as I review key areas of their direct sales business and provide them with actionable strategies on how they can improve in key areas  Sometimes, having an objective person take a look at a business is what is needed. The up-line relationship with their consultant can sometimes be like the mother who suggests and advises to no avail only to have another person come in and likely offer similar advice but because it’s an outside party then the advice is taken.

Purchase these sessions here. Please contact me directly for assistance on package options.

4. The Pick My Brain Sessions


A one, two or three hours (one hour sessions…your choice) of undivided attention where they can pick my brain. An idea-sparking, thought-provoking phone session with yours truly (someone who has been where you are and knows exactly how to get where you want to go). They will get clear, actionable strategies on how they can move forward in their direct sales business and get to that next level.

If they’re feeling lost and stuck in their direct sales business, I can help. Together, we can get them on the right path again and they can begin to implement strategies that will work for their direct sales business.

Learn more about these sessions and purchase them here.

5. The One-on One Mentoring Call for Leaders


You want to sit down and jam with someone who has walked in your shoes and can appreciate what you have been through and what you are preparing to embark on. In 60-minutes your thoughts will become clearer and more organized, encouraging greater productivity and overall stability in your business. I’ll give you clear strategies that work in your direct sales business and the means and methods of getting where you want to go. As your personal mentor and someone who has been where you are at this moment, I will provide you with proven strategies on how to move forward in your direct sales business with a productive, engaged and cohesive team.

Purchase this here.

Leave me a comment letting me know which Must-Have gift would benefit your team the most?

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In a previous life, Sandra was an adult educator, counsellor and trainer. While running a successful direct marketing business she became passionate about business, social media and coaching. She strives everyday for a life full of health, wellness, adventure, passion and purpose!

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