5 Steps to Finding Your Target Market

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5 Ways to Finding Your Target Market In direct sales / network marketing, when you finally narrow in on your target market, the exact person who needs your particular product or service, you don’t have to convince them to BUY! It is so much easier to sell your product, your service and/or your business opportunity if you know your target market! So how do you find your target market for your direct sales / network marketing product or business?

Here are 5 steps to finding your target market:


1.  Make a list of who can benefit or needs your product/service.

Make a list of who can benefit or needs your product. The more specific you can get the better!

E.g If your product is a health product, then your clients might be someone who is looking for a product that has no harsh chemicals. They are people looking for natural products who might have allergies and have other sensitivities. They value products that are earth friendly!

2. Where do they hang out?

To figure out where they hang out you need to figure out what activities they might take part in? Do they shop at organic stores? Do they attend vendor shows with a earth friendly theme? Do they go to organic food markets? Do they belong to Facebook groups that deal with chemical sensitivities or non-processed foods or products? Think about where you can find your target market.

3. Go hang out where they are.

Become a member of the Facebook groups they frequent, go to meet ups to do with their interests, provide info sessions to these groups, attend vendor shows as a vendor to meet your target market in the area that they have the most need in.

4. Ask questions to determine their exact need.

Ask specific questions to figure out what they need. What is their main worry? e.g. What type of products do you look for to help your specific issue? Have you found it helps like you want it to? May I tell you about (your product) and how it could help you!

5. How can you and your product be the answer?

Let your customer know how you and your product can be their solution. Explain the features of your product that will help them with their problem. How can you solve their main worry? E.g. Your client has allergies or chemical sensitivities and your soap/cleaning supplies have no harsh chemicals, no pesticides and/or contaminants. Your client will pay for your product because this person needs your product! The sale is effortless!

When you follow these 5 steps to finding your target market, not only will you have a client who will be a repeat customer but will also spread the word about your product to others with the same need! Your business will spread by word of mouth, which is the best way to grow your business!

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