The 8 Benefits of Goal-Setting

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Have you told yourself you have to make a change?  Is  your “inner voice” getting louder and louder?  Are you ready to listen? Then challenge yourself with some goal-setting! My inner voice for years told me I had to get healthier! I felt I was wasting my time away feeling sick, tired and overweight. I felt I was missing out on the pleasure of living life to the fullest! In my case MY BIG CHALLENGING GOAL was “I wanted to get healthier”. This started my real food adventure which included eating real food, participating in fitness training and setting some lofty “work-related” goals! Here are the 8 benefits to goal-setting you will reap too when you finally DO it!


1. You will grow as a person!

You might have to research a new activity, learn how to perform a new skill or go to a brand new place to participate in your goal. All these activities while you are goal-setting will make you grow!

2. It adds excitement to your life!

For me, this is the BEST benefit of goal-setting. There is a sense of excitement in having a rich new experience. Doing the same old thing is boring. Experiencing something new is invigorating!

3. It will increase your confidence!

Realizing new goals isn’t always easy. Reach for something that isn’t comfortable for you! Doing this not only gives you a sense of accomplishment but it increases your confidence that you can accomplish other hard activities again!

4. It’s fun!

You will enjoy the process of a new experience. For example if you learn a new dance like Zumba you will enjoy the whole experience of the music, the instructor, the students and of course the feeling of mastery.

5. You will inspire others!

When others see you trying something new and experiencing something fun, it can inspire others to follow you. When I started my real food adventure, I started a Facebook page for those who wanted to learn what I was doing and lots of people started getting into eating real food too.

6. You will meet like-minded people!

Goal setting sometimes introduces you to a new location where you will have to meet new people. For example if you start going to the gym you will find other people who are into fitness and who want to be healthier. Trying this new experience will bring you into contact with a whole new set of people who will have similar goals and interests: other people who are like you. It might open you up to a brand new community!

7. You become more interesting!

When you are experiencing something new you talk about it! You are excited and have new things to share with others. Being able to converse about new things is stimulating and it makes you more exciting too!

8. It will not only improve your life but the lives of others around you!

When you accomplish a goal you are happy and proud and this will have a ripple effect. All the positive benefits you experience will benefit your significant others and it will improve their lives too!

As your Goals Coach, I can help you clarify what it means to have the life you want.  I can help you to clarify your vision, untangle your own unique challenges and bring out the necessary steps to help move you forward to achieve your ultimate goals.

What BIG CHALLENGING GOAL do you want to achieve?








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In a previous life, Sandra was an adult educator, counsellor and trainer. While running a successful direct marketing business she became passionate about business, social media and coaching. She strives everyday for a life full of health, wellness, adventure, passion and purpose!

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