Your Most Effective 30 Second Commercial EVER!

Your most effective 30 second commercial EVER! As a direct sales / network marketing leader, you want to ensure both you and your team can confidently craft one to start a better conversation about your product/service or business opportunity. Your 30 second commercial will change depending on whether you are attending a networking group to […]

Relationship Building Tips for After the Networking Event

If you don’t follow-up after the event, you might as well not have gone to the networking event at all. When I started networking, I would collect tons of business cards, put them on my desk in my office and they would just sit there collecting dust. Does this sound familiar? I really thought that […]

Networking Beyond Family and Friends!

Establishing relationships within your community at professional networking events will help you to meet brand new people beyond your family and friends. Networking can be scary for some and some people just don’t know how to do it effectively. Consultants who are at the top of their game network consistently and teach their teams to do […]

10 Steps to the Best Business Launch!

When starting a direct sales business, so much of your future success in the business rides on having a good start! Having a successful business launch could mean a chance to earn back your initial sample investment and a good start at making an income right away plus an opportunity to meet enough potential hostesses to […]

Motivate With Their Why

Leaders are always looking for ways to motivate their teams to succeed in their direct sales business.  Learning to motivate with their WHY is a great way to accomplish this! It is especially true with your newest recruit to ensure she takes off to a successful start! What does “their WHY” mean? In the direct sales […]

Top Consistent Booking Techniques

One of the most important parts of having a successful direct sales business is having consistent bookings! Doing these top consistent booking techniques is the secret to always have bookings on your calendar and to always growing your business. Here are my top consistent booking techniques. The secret to always having bookings is to do these CONSISTENTLY! Monthly […]