Where Can I Find People to Grow My Direct Sales Team?

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Finding people to recruit to join and grow your direct sales team can be hard! It can be hard not only for people new to direct sales but also if you’ve been in the business for a while! Sometimes you just have to get back to the basics of recruiting! People will rarely come to you! Don’t get me wrong, it does happen but most of the time you have to be intentional! You can create abundant opportunities for leads.

Where can I find people to join my direct sales team?
Here are some places you can start: 
1) At your demonstration/ party/ show

Where do you do your direct sales business? Do you do demonstrations at your home or at your customer’s home? Whether you call it a party, a demonstration, a tasting party or a trunk show, you are gathering people together who are there because they like your product. You are showing them what their job would look like so make it easy, valuable, interesting, fun and reproducible from the moment they walk in the door until the end! The more fun they’ve had at your party the better the chance you’ll have that someone at that party will want to be your next recruit. The more shows you do the more people you’ll have as leads to recruit! It’s all about volume. But of course, nobody will join your team if you don’t ASK!

2) During conversations where you are promoting yourself and your product

Do people comment on your product? Can you wear your product proudly? If it isn’t jewelry, clothes, handbags or makeup that people can see, what other ways are you showing people you casually meet what your product is? Do you have a sign on your car, a key chain with your product logo, or something else that advertises that you represent a product!? When people comment on your product, do you proudly tell them who you are and what you do? Do you bring it up so you can create an opportunity in a conversation? Do you get into the habit of sharing your contact info or better yet ask for theirs so you can email them later with product info?

3) At vendor events

At vendor events, are you only concentrating on selling your product? Are you also promoting the actual business? Be sure to have recruitment packages with information on your business and a sign prominently displayed on your table that you are hiring consultants on your team! When people approach your booth make sure to ask people if they’ve ever considered this type of opportunity. Be sure to have a sign up sheet, give them an information package and ask when you can connect with them within the next 24 hours.

4) At your own event that you create

Create your own opportunities! What type of collaborations can you make? If you sell makeup, can you partner with a photographer to do makeovers and create an event where you invite potential recruits? If you sell jewelry or clothes can you create a fashion show and partner with others to create a women’s event? If you sell a food item can you partner with any of the above to provide the snacks for the participants? By creating your own event or partnering with others, you can meet a whole different group of people who will learn about your products and of course, your business! Showing others how you can run your business by creating new opportunities for yourself will also help sell your business as a real business venture .

5) At opportunity/recruiting events

Sometimes people just need the chance to learn more. Have you ever created your own recruitment/opportunity or information event? It’s simple! Find a venue that is conducive for a meeting. It could be a coffee shop, your own home or an office depending on what your product is and how informal/formal you want this event to be. Invite everyone who you’ve ever spoken to about your business. Create a list of those who have asked you questions about your business, those who need some additional income and those that you think would be great at what you do. It’s sometimes easier to give information in a group and the excitement of a group sometimes contributes to more sign-ups!

You must be intentional when it comes to growing your team! You must create the opportunities and put yourself in the places where you will find your newest recruit or lead. If this is one of your goals, I can help you to create it in your business!

What has worked for you in the past when it comes to finding people to grow your direct sales team? Leave me a comment and tell me what you did?


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