How to Eliminate Distractions When You Work from Home

Having worked from home for the past six years, I know how easy it can be to get distracted. I love being an entrepreneur. There are so many benefits but also so many distractions! You suddenly find yourself doing laundry, getting a snack, dealing with arguing kids or checking on Facebook. Here are some ways to […]

What is Professional Coaching, Anyways?

Are you confused about what Professional Coaching is and isn’t?  When you think about coaching, do you think of a sports coach, an acting coach or a financial coach? The term coaching is mistakenly used by lots of professions to mean training, therapy, consulting, or mentoring. What is Professional Coaching, anyways? A Professional  Coach is not only […]

100 Happy Days to a Purposeful Life!

Wouldn’t you want to live a happier, more balanced and purposeful life? I did! During my #100happydays challenge, I created just that! A few months ago, I saw many friends and acquaintances on Facebook posting pictures and talking about what had made them happy that day with the hashtag #100happydays.  I lurked and followed what […]

Are You Living in the Moment?

I have always been a goal-oriented person! I have always set goals to move forward and achieve success in my life whether it was as a child, teenager or adult. It was just hard-wired in me. Because of this, I believe I’ve been very successful in all areas of my life and I’m very proud […]

Invigorate Your Life – Admission Ticket Giveaway!

I am so excited for my upcoming event, Invigorate Your Life! I am thrilled to give my readers a chance to win a ticket to what hopes to be a morning full of fun, self-care, pampering and inspiration! The Details: Are you a female entrepreneur working from home? Are you a stay at home mom […]

Six Simple Steps to Drinking Enough Water!

You know WATER is good for your body!   You know the benefits of water and what happens when your body is dehydrated.  Water flushes out your toxins through sweat and urination, it aids in digestion and promotes regularity.  Because our brain is made up mostly of water, when we’re hydrated we think better and we’re […]