Break the Hold Caffeine Has on YOU!

Don’t you just love a good cup of coffee?  Don’t you love the aroma, how calming it is when you’re savouring it and how fun and social it is when you “grab a coffee “with a friend? I love a good cup of coffee and after growing up in a British colony, I also adore […]

No Excuses! Transform Your Life!

A few weeks ago I was privileged to be invited to participate as a Master Speaker in the No Excuses! Transform Your Life World Summit! It was an amazing free event hosted by Rachel Leduc. I joined 18 other women discussing nutrition, fat loss, money, emotional health, eating psychology, the mind-body connection, sexuality, fitness, business, relationships […]

Why the Sugar Monster Should Scare YOU!

Do you ever feel like you have a sugar monster inside you that you constantly have to feed with more and more sugary foods like candy, soft drinks, chocolate, cookies, pasta and even bread? I used to! Do you know why you feel like that?  What the sugar monster does to you should really, really […]

5 Steps to Kicking Your “Addictive” Food Habit!

What is the number one “addictive” food habit that would be the hardest for you to give up? Is it chocolate, chips, candy, pop or drive thru fast foods?  Whatever it is for you, that is the key to knowing what will sabotage you as you start eating REAL FOOD.  If you know you are […]

New Goals! New You!

After my one-month pop/soda-free success in February 2013, I made the decision to not only get a one year membership but also to hire a personal trainer at the gym to help get to my goals!  I have always been a goal-oriented person. I can attribute the success I’ve had in my education, life, career […]

What is Your Light Bulb Moment?

At the beginning of the year 2013, I decided enough is enough! A light bulb finally turned ON in my head! I NEVER EVER wanted to diet again! I wanted to BE healthy! I wanted to live life to the fullest! On January 1st 2013, I decided to cut out pop/soda, one of the many […]