Top 5 Posts of 2015!

Top 5 Posts of 2015

This time of year is always a time to reflect! Like everyone, I look back at what worked and what didn’t. In 2015, my business went in the direction I wanted with more and more contracts with direct sales/network marketing individuals and companies filling up most of my calendar. My blogging was pretty consistent with most […]

5 EASY Steps To Start Coaching Your Team

5 Easy steps to Start Coaching Your Team

So you’ve been in direct sales and/or network marketing for a while and you have never coached your team! You’ve been told this one thing will help your team members and your own business grow but you have no idea where to start! You’ve waited so long to start coaching that you feel bad even […]

5 Steps to Finding Your Target Market

5 Ways to Finding Your Target Market

In direct sales / network marketing, when you finally narrow in on your target market, the exact person who needs your particular product or service, you don’t have to convince them to BUY! It is so much easier to sell your product, your service and/or your business opportunity if you know your target market! So […]

Selling 101: Customer Care / Follow-up calls!

Bonus Selling Step

Are you providing EXCELLENT customer care / follow-up calls? Have you heard the phrase, “The Fortune is in the Follow-Up”? That is absolutely true in direct sales and network marketing. In this video, I show you just how to continue the selling process by making effective customer care/follow-up calls so you can get that FORTUNE! Selling […]

Re-Engage for Fall

Sandra’s Daily To-Do List-2

Summer is over and I’m having a bit of a hard time re-engaging for Fall! I don’t think I’m the only one! I recently sat down for a little Fall strategy session with myself to get re-engaged for a busy Fall. Do you need to do this too? About a week ago, I felt that […]

Selling 101: Upsell

Selling 101: Step 6

Are you a direct seller or network marketer but have never been taught how to sell? Join me in this series, Selling 101 for direct sellers and network marketers! How much more effective would you be in your business if you followed a process on HOW TO SELL? You would see an improvement in your […]