Three Activities Direct Sales Leaders Need To Be Consistent In

Direct sales leaders need to be consistent in THREE activities, in order to be a successful. Doing CONSISTENT activities in ALL these areas will ensure GROWTH in both your personal and team business creating a more well-rounded business. For one week, log all your personal and team activities. By monitoring these activities over a week, […]

Summer Networking: What to do NOW if you’re not going to conference!

Summer networking is the answer to your disappointment that you’re not going to your annual direct sales / network marketing conference. There are so many reasons to go to conference but sometimes it’s just not possible. I know how you’re feeling seeing all your friends posting their conference pictures! You’re sad and disappointed that you […]

Your Most Effective 30 Second Commercial EVER!

Your most effective 30 second commercial EVER! As a direct sales / network marketing leader, you want to ensure both you and your team can confidently craft one to start a better conversation about your product/service or business opportunity. Your 30 second commercial will change depending on whether you are attending a networking group to […]

Motivate With Their Why

Leaders are always looking for ways to motivate their teams to succeed in their direct sales business.  Learning to motivate with their WHY is a great way to accomplish this! It is especially true with your newest recruit to ensure she takes off to a successful start! What does “their WHY” mean? In the direct sales […]

A Dream is Just a Dream

Before you get back to doing your direct sales/network marketing business next week, take some quiet time to celebrate what you achieved last year and to create a clear vision and plan for what you want to accomplish in the New Year. You might have lots of big dreams for your business but without realistic […]

Top 5 Posts of 2015!

This time of year is always a time to reflect! Like everyone, I look back at what worked and what didn’t. In 2015, my business went in the direction I wanted with more and more contracts with direct sales/network marketing individuals and companies filling up most of my calendar. My blogging was pretty consistent with most […]