Direct Sellers and Network Marketers: Selling 101, Know Your Customer

Selling 101_ Step 2

Are you a direct seller or network marketer but have never been taught how to sell? Join me in this series, Selling 101 for direct sellers and network marketers! How much more effective would you be in your business if you followed a process on HOW TO SELL? You would see an improvement in your […]

How to Build Your Confidence to Be Successful in Direct Sales

How to Build Your Confidence To Be Successful In Direct Sales

When I was coaching my own direct sales team, the number one thing that struck me was how little confidence people had in themselves.  For some, their lack of confidence held them back from achieving real success in their business. Now, as I speak about and coach on improving skills in direct sales and network marketing to increase productivity and profit, […]

Increase Bookings by Handling Objections!

Increase bookings by handling objections

Do you freeze when you hear the word “No” after you’ve asked someone to book a show? Your potential hostess usually follows with a common excuse or objection why the answer is “No”! Many people find handling objections the hardest part of their direct sales business. They accept the NO without question and lose out on […]

Could you be booking more shows at shows?

Could you be booking more shows at

One show can make all the difference in direct sales! All you need is one show in direct sales to be in business! This is true as long as you know how to get more bookings at that show and at each show that comes from that first show!! The sooner you can master booking more […]

Increase Your Party Sales Using These 10 Money-Making Activities!

Increase Your Party Sales Using These 10 Money-Making Activities!

Do you want to increase your direct sales productivity and profit? One way you can do this is by strategically increasing your party sales average. With these 10 money-making activities you will begin to increase your party sales average! But before you can increase it, you will need to know what your current party sales average […]

Essential Tips for Moving Beyond Family and Friends in Direct Sales!


If you are in DIRECT SALES, your business will become a viable business only once you venture and move beyond your family and friends! Don’t get me wrong, starting with your family and friends is the fastest and best way to get your direct sales business started. All direct sales companies recommend you start your business […]