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As your Solution Focused Goals Coach, I will help you clarify what it means to have the life you want.  In this equal partnership, I will help you to clarify your vision, untangle your own unique challenges and bring out the necessary steps by by using supportive, discovery-based approaches and frameworks to help move you forward to achieve your ultimate goals.

Through coaching, you will discover a life of development and accomplishment, both personally and professionally.

I will support you to become proactive, explore your own resources, take ownership of your life and move you forward towards the solutions you desire.

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Erickson ICF Professional Business & Life Coach AlumniErickson Certification Business & Life Coach Training 

Mission Statement:

To provide coaching, support and friendship to motivated, entrepreneurial women who want to set and achieve life and business goals while still keeping their life in balance!

  • Are you an entrepreneurial woman who finds herself sick, tired and possibly overweight?
  • Have you lost focus on personal care and development because you’re focusing all your attention on being successful at family, career and all the other things that are important in your life?
  • Have you finally said, “ENOUGH is ENOUGH”?
  • Do you need help getting unstuck and breaking your bad habits?
  • Do you finally want to set and achieve goals towards making positive life and business changes?
  • Are you ready to get started?

At Sandra Butler Coaching, we want people to have purposeful, passionate and adventurous lives through the setting and achievement of their desired goals!

During your FREE 30 minute “Ready, Set, Goal” Discovery Session:

New Goals! New You!

  • We’ll work together to create a crystal-clear vision for the goals you’d like to set and achieve
  • You’ll uncover the hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your success in realizing these goals
  • And you’ll leave the session renewed, re-energized and inspired to reach the goals you want to achieve once and for all

Your session can be conducted in person, over the phone and/or on Skype.

Coaching Packages:

One month packageIncludes 3 telephone or Skype sessions within a month with email support.

Three month package: Includes 9 telephone or Skype sessions within a three-month period with email support.

Six month packageIncludes 18 telephone or Skype sessions within a six-month period with email support.


Sandra is a truly a gem with a wealth of knowledge! Her advice is current and practical and her coaching and guidance is relevant to today’s direct selling world. What I loved most about working with Sandra was her approach to goal setting. She helped me focus on key goals that I wanted to achieve, and gave me specific tasks to work toward those goals. Since working with her I have found new hostesses, my team has grown, and I have planned several in person meetings and training events. It is thanks to Sandra that my personal sales volume has more than DOUBLED in the past 6 months compared to the same period in 2014! 

Vicky Bisson, Peekaboo Beans Founding Stylist,

I have known Sandra for several years and have always had the utmost respect for her professionalism and positive attitude. She is an inspiration and a wonderful mentor who’s commitment to helping others is truly admirable. Sandra’s expertise in coaching really allowed me to take my business to the next level. In our first goal setting session, I was at a crossroads with my business. Sandra was able to pinpoint my goals and work with me to take simple action steps to work past any barriers I might have to achieve success. I’m very happy to say that my business exploded within the first month of working with Sandra and I’m well on my way to achieving my goals (even faster than I had imagined!) She has given me the confidence and the tools that I needed to move my business forward by keeping me focused and accountable. I can’t thank Sandra enough for making a huge difference in my business and in my life.

Jodi Peckover, LeVel

Contact me below to book your FREE 30 minute “Ready, Set, Goal” Discovery Session.