Could you be booking more shows at shows?

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Could you be booking more shows at One show can make all the difference in direct sales!

All you need is one show in direct sales to be in business! This is true as long as you know how to get more bookings at that show and at each show that comes from that first show!! The sooner you can master booking more shows at shows the sooner you can get away from the extra work of phoning for bookings!

Here are 6 EASY ways to get more bookings at shows!

1. Have the goal “I will book and secure two or three bookings at each show” and follow with the mindset and attitude that goes with this goal!

Make this your mantra! When you have a goal, you work to make it a reality. If you don’t have something to work for you will let the potential customers, hosts and prospects slip through your fingers as soon as you leave this show!


2. Have 2-3 booking gift bags ready to go and display them in a prominent place by your samples!

Make them look attractive so people will ask you about them. During your introduction be sure to say “These are my “booking” gift bags for anyone who books a show with me. There’s a special gift inside!” Later on in the show you can take them by your checkout to remind you to ask every person to host a show.


3. Be sure to say a big THANK YOU to your hostess and give her the VIP treatment!

If you genuinely treat your hostess this way everyone will want to be a hostess! Say “I’d like to thank Mary for hosting the show today.” Give her a small gift as a thank you! Let others know where you met Mary so that they get the idea that you go to a show and you book at a show. For example, “I met Mary at Joan’s show. She had such a good time that she wanted to share this experience with her friends. So here I am! If you have a good time tonight, I’d love to come to your place and share my products and have a fun evening with your friends! You can get leave with one of my booking gifts if you book today.”


4. Always display your booking calendar in a prominent spot by your displays!

Highlight the dates you want to fill! Place a STAR or other stickers on the dates you want to fill first! (Beginning of the month or other dates you need if you are looking to win a rewards trip, get a promotion etc). Have an extra incentive for booking on those dates (e.g. I’ll bring cupcakes or bottle of wine).


5. Talk about the benefits of booking throughout your show!

Here are some ways you can talk about bookings. During your intro briefly explain the host benefits when they book. Drop booking seeds like:

“My last hostess got this whole collection for free when she had her show”

“If you’re looking for a fun way to get together and catch up with your friends think about booking a show!”


6. Have fun!

Are you building rapport, connecting and having fun with the guests? Are you giving them an experience that they would like to share with their friends? I’m not talking about games. Really think about this! Brainstorm ways to add fun to your show so that people will want to book with you!

If you’d like to learn to book more shows at your shows, connect with me for a 30 minute “Review My Business” session or a one hour “Pick My Brain” session and we can get you booking more shows at shows!


Please leave me a comment with what you struggle with when it comes to booking shows at shows!

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