Creating an Effective Team Recognition Program

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You know recognition is important in your direct sales / network marketing business. You recognize and give shout outs to your team members but maybe you haven’t started seeing any benefits yet. Making a few tweaks will create a team recognition program that is more effective and will result in a more motivated, productive team.

Recognition is important! People respond to appreciation through recognition of their work. This recognition confirms that their work is valued by you, their leader. They’re happier and more satisfied about being part of your team because they are being seen, acknowledged and valued. Their productivity rises as a result. They are motivated because of this recognition to maintain or improve their good work. You become appreciated by your team members because you are appreciative of them and their work. When someone is appreciated for their work and being in your team and the community you’ve created, they stick around. Retention can be a big problem in direct sales /network marketing. You can change this by creating an effective team recognition program.

Consider these points when tweaking the recognition you do on your team:

1. Take over recognition for your own team.

Your company likely does monthly recognition but usually they are the same people over and over. You want to start recognizing and growing your team with a formal recognition program. Start thinking of yourself as the head office for your team. Yes, you should definitely recognize the top sales, top sponsoring and top team business on your team. Start with one person, then recognize top 3, top 5 and then top 10 as your team grows. But what else is there?

2. What would you like to be appreciated / recognized for?

Think about this question when you create your recognition program for your team. Not everyone will be top sales or top in sponsoring. Would you like to be appreciated for effort and progress? I think most of us know that there is a lot of work involved in getting results in direct sales and network marketing. How about recognizing the behaviour it takes to get that success. When people start to see effort recognized they will be more motivated to do the “work” it takes. They’ll also see what type of work is needed in order to succeed. You are training your team to see what type of effort is needed to progress in this business.

Examples of behaviours you could recognize:

  • number of qualified contacts at vendor shows
  • number of presentations booked in a month
  • number of sponsoring conversations booked
  • number of networking events
  • most interesting event booked
  • number of calls made during a booking blitz
  • number of catalogues sent
  • best Facebook theme party
  • highest party sales
  • highest number of guests at a presentation
  • attended the most company training

You get the idea. It’s the behaviour and the effort you put into the business that gets you to progressing in your business.

3. Do you know that as a leader you set the tone for your team culture and that this can be done through your recognition program?

You can create a team culture based on your morals and values. What you recognize is what you’ll create in your group. If you only recognize sales, sponsoring and team business, you are showing that business growth and money is valuable. That is great but is that all you want your team to be about? Do you want to create a kind, inclusive community too? What type of culture do you want to create on your team? Then recognize that!

Here are some examples:

  • Helper Award – Team members nominate someone every month who helped them in their business.
  • Influencer Award – Who influenced the team the most by offering an idea or a tip that helped everyone to better their business.
  • Encourager Award – Team member nominated or picked by you someone who helped encourage someone on the team when they were discouraged or down.

4. Let people know ahead of time what you will recognize them for.

By creating a formal recognition program, you will have a plan of what you will be recognizing people for. You can then let people know what kind of behaviour you will be looking out for ahead of time. Your job is recognizing them when they do that activity. You might need to ask people to message you with the information or for some of the team culture recognition awards, you might need to ask team members to nominate someone. Before long, you will have created more of the behaviour you want in your team.

5. Remember to train!

You can’t ask people to be good at something or excel at a certain a behaviour if they’ve never been taught how to do it. If you want people to know how to do well at networking events and have qualified contacts, you’ll need to know yourself, be an example and/or show or train your team members what to do or you will need to find someone (perhaps encourage them to attend team training) to train them on key subjects like sales, sponsoring, vendor events, networking etc.

As a leader, recognizing your team will go a long way in helping to motivate your team to maintain and even improve the good work they are doing in their business.

Are you ready to do a Leader Boost? Do you want to be a better leader to your team, calm the overwhelm and create activities that will bring more team productivity? Do you want to make more money?

If you do, connect with me for a free 30 minute call to see if one on one coaching, group coaching or having me create a workshop for your team is right for you!

Leave me a comment with what you like to recognize on your team that results in a great team culture!


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