How to Eliminate Distractions When You Work from Home

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Having worked from home for the past six years, I know how easy it can be to get distracted. I love being an entrepreneur. There are so many benefits but also so many distractions! You suddenly find yourself doing laundry, getting a snack, dealing with arguing kids or checking on Facebook.

How to Eliminate Distractions When You Work From Home

Here are some ways to keep focused when you are a home-based business.

Have an official workspace

Be away from the laundry and all the other things that can pull you away while you “just empty the dishwasher quickly” and don’t spread yourself all over the house where you will constantly see the papers piling up.

Have a designated space in your house that is your office. Reserve this space just to work on your business. Limit all distractions in this room. Keep the door closed and a sign on the door letting others know you are working and can’t be disturbed. If you don’t have an office, consider an office in a box that you can move to the space you’re working in and that can be put away out of mind when you want to relax.  If neither of those work for you, go out to a local coffee shop and dedicate specific work hours there.

Have a daily to do list

Set ten minutes at the end of each work day to plan the following day and prioritize what needs to get done first. I keep a separate work and home list but others find one list more beneficial to keeping everything organized and together.

Pick the time you are most productive, get rid of your distractions and set one solid goal for yourself and see how quickly you can get it done. If it’s an ongoing project, working for a block of time works well too. Set an alarm for a half hour or an hour and work focused on just this one task.

At the end of the day, cross the items off your list that are complete (oh so satisfying for some) and evaluate what items need to be brought over to the next day. Then plan and prioritize other activities for the following day.

Shut everything down

Turn all your electronic distractions off.  Turn off your phone, Facebook, Twitter, email, all of it. It’s amazing what happens when you have a project due that absolutely must get done. You turn off all the distractions to work just on that and all of a sudden you find yourself focused, creative and productive. Try giving yourself a few hours everyday where everything is shut off and when none of that can find it’s way in to take you away from the task at hand.

Gloria Mark of the University of California, Irvine, found that a typical office worker gets only 11 minutes between each interruption, while it takes an average of 25 minutes to return to the original task after an interruption. It’s easy to see why our projects take us longer than we think it will take. Shut all electronic distractions off and see how much more productive you’ll be.

If you’re in direct sales / network marketing, these organizational tips will help you too! If one of your goals is working more productively and setting up better work habits, we can do that together.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you’re going to get done first!


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