Essential Tips for Moving Beyond Family and Friends in Direct Sales!

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ESSENTIAL TIPS FOR MOVING BEYOND FAMILY AND FRIENDS IN DIRECT SALES If you are in DIRECT SALES, your business will become a viable business only once you venture and move beyond your family and friends! Don’t get me wrong, starting with your family and friends is the fastest and best way to get your direct sales business started. All direct sales companies recommend you start your business launch with family and friends. I certainly did! The sooner you move away from your family and friends as customers, the happier, more confident and more profitable you’ll be and the happier your family and friends will be too! Let’s face it! The last thing you want is to feel like a pariah every time you come across these people. You don’t want your loved ones hiding from you at Thanksgiving dinner, birthday parties and get-togethers saying, “Oh no, here comes Mary with her catalogue again!” Does this sound familiar?

One of the things I hear from clients in my consulting sessions is that their friends and family are frustrated with them. They are feeling used because the only reason you are connecting with them is that you want them to buy your products, have another show or demonstration, or you want them to join your team. I want you to take an oath TODAY that all that will end!

But how do you move beyond family and friends? Here are my top tips:

Ask your family and friend to invite people YOU DON’T KNOW!

When you start your business, by all means ask your family and friends to help get you started by hosting a show or demonstration. Ask them to invite people YOU DON’T KNOW! Learn techniques from your company on how to book more shows at your shows and concentrate on booking them with people you don’t know! Book shows with them and you are immediately immersed in strangers. Most likely everyone they invite will be a stranger to you. This is when your business will really get started.

Doing shows with strangers is much more professional. You don’t worry about what they will think of you like you do with your family and friends. With strangers, you are doing a job, providing a service that someone really wants. They aren’t booking a show with you because they are doing you a favour. These new people are booking with you because they truly love your product or service and they are willing to have you into their home to get it. You’re in business!!

Participate in TRADE SHOWS regularly!

When I was in DIRECT SALES, I participated in trade or vendor shows regularly and met new people who purchased my product, booked shows and joined my team. At the beginning of my career when I wasn’t as good at booking shows at my shows, I would do a trade show once a month or every other month. I became really good at attracting people who loved my product and wanted it in some capacity. These were all strangers.

Better yet, since I was interested in building my team in new areas, I looked for trade shows in those areas and booked a table with the goal to sponsor and recruit in those areas. I personally found that the big shows were not as fruitful for me as smaller vendor shows were I could take my time to build relationships and really talk to the people at these shows. I very rarely did draws but I always had sign up sheets for recruiting and booking shows and I always talked about my business first after asking if they had heard or liked my product. I never went into my 60 second sell if they weren’t interested in my product. Trade shows are a great place to meet new people!

At first I would recommend doing a trade show once a month or every other month but later on when you have an established business (from booking shows at your own shows), you might want to do a trade show once a quarter so that you are continually meeting new people or when you find yourself with an empty calendar.

Attend Networking Groups!

Networking groups are a great place to meet new people. If your product is for women then I recommend you search out networking groups for women first to see if there are other interesting business women who would like to partner with you to bring together events. Some events I participated in just from one networking group where fashion shows, photo shoots, fundraisers, awards shows, in store pop up shops, customer appreciation events, bridal shows and many other vendor shows.

At networking groups, you can find out about other trade shows people are participating in that you can partner with and generally meet others who might also like your product, book a show or join your team. At some networking groups, members can display their products periodically and you can begin to be known by your product and will be called upon when someone needs someone from your company for an event or activity.

Cold call new places.

Every once in a while you’ll find yourself with an empty calendar! You have no shows on your schedule and what are you to do? You will be tempted to go somewhere comfortable and so you’ll want to go back to bothering your family and friends! I’ve had an empty calendar just like everyone else but I refused to give up! I guarantee you will make something happen by doing this exercise.

This is a cold call booking blitz! You have nothing to lose and so much to gain. You can do this all in one day or spread it over a week. Call 5 schools, 5 daycares, 5 nearby companies (in their cafeteria), 5 hair salons, 5 gyms, 5 seniors homes, 5 dance schools and ask if you can set up a table for their staff or clients for a shopping break. Most likely your table will be free or minimal. I have set up a table at all of these locations and made sales, booked shows and recruited team members. I also got other opportunities from doing this like participating in fundraisers or other events. You have to ASK to make it HAPPEN!

I hope I’ve given you some ideas of what to do to move beyond your family and friends and start having a viable business where you make your own opportunities!

If you’d like to learn more about becoming a leader, then check out these steps to becoming a more confident and better leader.

Please leave me a comment and tell me where you go to move beyond family and friends!

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