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Growing Your Team 101:

What You Need to Know About Recruiting for Direct Sales and Network Marketers 


Grow Your Team 101





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A Mastermind Day

Training, Networking and Support to Invigorate Your Direct Sales/Network Marketing Business

IYB_Fall2014-1051_ms_wt_2Are you ready to transform your business and take it to the next level?

Have you ever participated in a Mastermind event? 

Do you ever wish you could spend a day with like-minded individuals who are all looking to GROW their business and WHO can help FOCUS you on improving and moving your business forward? 

Guess what? You can have just that! Join me and 7 other DIRECT SELLERS/NETWORK MARKETERS for a MASTERMIND day!

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Wonder Women Wednesdays

Wonder Women WednesdaysAre you a female direct seller who would like to meet up with others for a bit of training, networking and support?

We would like to build a friendly and supportive community of direct sellers who would like to get together to share what works well in their business and share solutions to frustrations all direct sellers have. It will be a great opportunity to build relationships with like-minded individuals.

I will be hosting a monthly meet up for direct sales leaders and their teams and will provide a mini training on a different topic at each meeting. Look forward to seeing you! Feel free to invite others!

 Wonder Women Wednesdays! 

Invigorate Your Business!

InvigorateYour Business!Invigorate Your Business!








Invigorate Your Life!

Invigorate Your Life!Invigorate Your Life!