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You know you want to be a better leader and make more money from your team business but you’re feeling totally stuck as how to do it.


In my experience most people feel stumped about what activities to focus on to produce the most activity in their team. They have leadership and promotion goals but don’t know what actions to take to make them a reality!


What on earth are you supposed to do to get the team you dream of?


I’ve got the answer!


If the idea of creating a “dream team” that is engaged, motivated and building their own team seems daunting and elusive; I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone! 


I know exactly how you feel! I struggled with the same uncertainty when I was a new direct sales leader. So I was determined to do the work! As an adult educator and training coordinator, I believe in being a life long learner so I went to every leader training offered to me, qualified and travelled to leader conferences, earned leader enrichment incentives, devoured leader books and even became a solution-focused life and business coach! As a goal-setter, I set sales, recruiting, coaching and promotion goals for myself and as a result built a team of over 800 consultants in just over 4 years. I earned six figures in my second year in business.


I’ve worked with countless leaders who felt exactly as you do right now! You feel you don’t know enough to be a leader (or an even better leader – IMPOSTER SYNDROME is rearing its ugly head!). You think you should know more about sales, recruiting, coaching and the business itself – why does it feel so hard to do something you heard was supposed to be easy? All of this is impacting your confidence in your ability to support a team.


You know how incredibly important it is to train, support and engage your team, right? But when it comes time to your team business, you’d rather let your company take the lead, another upline or you just can’t find the time or process to do it yourself!


You take part in the training from your company but it feels like it doesn’t apply to you and your team – nothing feels like it’s working and you’re getting frustrated and discouraged.


Well, it doesn’t have to be that way anymore! You can have an engaged, productive team that continuously grows your team, and makes you more money!  You can reach your leadership and promotion goals! YES! That’s a huge win for you!


I’m taking my 5 years as a direct sales leader and my 3 years as a coach of direct sales leaders in a variety of industries and putting it into a 3-month intensive coaching program for direct sales leaders to help them figure out what’s missing to get them reaching all their big goals!


I will teach you the 6 Activities that I’ve used to help leaders reach success, activities that will take the mystery out of supporting a team that’s engaged and producing results. And what does that mean for you?? You’ll have more flexible time, a balanced personal and team business and a team that is more engaged and making you more money.


I want IN!

This leader program is for you if:

  • You want to start earning more from your team business.
  • You’ve already started building your team but have gotten to the point that you don’t know how to train or how to inspire, engage and motivate them.
  • You are overwhelmed because you can’t balance your team and personal business (it feels like you can focus on one or the other, but not both!).
  • You’re ready to make this business a full-time gig instead of a side gig (which means more flexible work/life and time your family.)
  • You feel you aren’t getting the support and accountability you need to make this business a real success.
  • You want to provide more for yourself and your family (more trips, more opportunities, more time together!).
  • You’re ready to earn more!

This leader program is not for you if:

  • You’re hoping for magic solutions that don’t require work
  • You’re hoping to make this business all about your team doing most of the work
  • You’re not looking to build community around your team (that’s going to be key!)


I’m ready to earn more!


As a former direct sales executive leader, growth coach for a direct sales company and a trainer, I’ve spent a career helping leaders to grow their teams and make more money. I’ve helped leaders reach amazing success and I know you can too!





I want to teach YOU how to support and engage your team so you can make more money!


Throughout this leader program, I’ll show you what I did to build a team of over 800 consultants and what led to earning six figures in my second year in the business. I want to SHOW you how easy it can be with the right steps and activities!

  • Bi-weekly training videos
  • A a one on one coaching call with me at the beginning of the program
  • 6 Q &A/support calls (this is where the real accountability comes in!)
  • a peer coaching partner and
  • a Facebook group support


Are you ready to calm the overwhelm, learn to balance your personal and team business, get the support you need, and start creating an engaged team that will leave you with more flexible time to spend with your family while you earn more from your team business? Are you ready to be the leader you dream of being?


Grab one of 12 seats in the Leader Program NOW





  • Week 1: Goal-setting for Leadership Success: Creating Your Team Culture
  • Week 2: Selling & Recruiting: How to Get Your Team On Board
  • Week 3: Coaching Team Members at All Levels
  • Week 4: Key Activities to Inspire and Empower
  • Week 5: Supporting your Team Through the Good and the Bad
  • Week 6: Being Duplicatable: Growing leaders on your Team


I’m offering this 3-month program at a significantly discounted rate as an introductory price for the program.

You get a 3 month program including a one on one call for only $899!

There are only 12 spots available so don’t wait to grab one!



I have had the great pleasure of being coached by Sandra Butler for almost 3 years. She was instrumental in the success of my business – helping me grow my sales force from 0 to over 200 stylists and increasing my income exponentially. I honestly don’t know where I would be without her! She is a delight to work with, always punctual and professional. I had never been a “goal setting” person, but with Sandra’s help, I was able to make and work towards specific goals that would not only improve my business but also the work/life/family balance that we all struggle with as business owners. I adored working with her and saw fantastic results and attribute a lot of my success to her! Nirah Villeneuve

As my coach with Stella and Dot, Sandra helped me by being a pace-setter. To see someone consistently leading by example showed me what worked and I always knew that you could count on her to lead the way.  I was able to reach out to her, stay accountable, and expect that she would be there to encourage me when I needed it most! I had a goal (and have) to reach a certain level with Stella and Dot and she walked me through that and helped me set attainable goals for my life.   Most of what I have now with Stella and Dot, I contribute to Sandra’s coaching. Her ability to help her team be effective in their businesses is what made her one of the best leaders in Stella and Dot! Cacia MacDougal

I had the pleasure of working with Sandra for over 2 years. I always looked forward to our accountability calls and I appreciated her solution-focused approach to tackling obstacles in my business as well as celebrating my wins. Sandra helped me identify my strengths and together we created an action plan for future success and personal goal achievement. I would recommend Sandra to anyone who is ready to work and wanting to grow their business. Andrea Smith

If you have any questions about whether or not this program is right for you, book a call so we can chat! Connect with me here!

I can’t wait to work with you to build the team and life of your dreams!