How to Build Your Confidence to Be Successful in Direct Sales

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How to Build Your Confidence To Be Successful In Direct Sales When I was coaching my own direct sales team, the number one thing that struck me was how little confidence people had in themselves.  For some, their lack of confidence held them back from achieving real success in their business. Now, as I speak about and coach on improving skills in direct sales and network marketing to increase productivity and profit, this word keeps creeping up! I wish I had a penny every time someone has told me they don’t feel confident enough to do the things that will make their business grow. I also get asked often, “How can I build my confidence to be successful in direct sales?

Here are some ways you can build your confidence to be successful in direct sales:

Learn how to present yourself!

This means learning about your product, its benefits to your customers and the benefits of the business. Then learn to be comfortable in presenting it to all people! None of this is useful if you don’t wholeheartedly believe in your product. This has to be a given. If you don’t believe in your product enough to convince others they need to have it then leave that business now.

If you don’t believe in it, its no wonder you don’t have the necessary confidence needed to sell it. If you do believe in your product, then this step requires a bit of research, a bit of memorization, a script, a bit of practising in front of the mirror and role-playing with your upline, your partner, a friend, your child or your dog! Have you ever had to deliver a speech at school or work? Then you need to prepare in the same fashion. Be sure your delivery is authentic and sounds like you. Keep practising until you can introduce yourself, describe your product, it’s benefits and the benefits of joining your team. Feeling knowledgeable about your business will increase not only your confidence but the confidence people will have in you and your business.

Dress for success!

When you dress the part you increase your self-esteem and increase your confidence. Dress for business, whether you are home or not. You’ll feel more professional and you will be treated more seriously. Pay attention to the details like a professional hairstyle, modest makeup, and invest in a few professional outfits that make you look polished and ready to do business. When you feel your best on the outside it lifts your confidence on the inside and all of a sudden people see you differently.

You never know where you will make your next connection so look and act professional wherever you go. Whether you are at your kid’s hockey game, grocery store or at a networking event, always look and be someone people want to meet and do business with.

Outsource the activities that make you feel inadequate!

If you don’t have the necessary skills in an area that is essential in growing your business, find an expert! At one time I felt I was being held back by my lack of knowledge in bookkeeping/numbers. I thought and worried so much about it and I had such little confidence in myself in this area that it impeded my business. I hired someone to set up my books and train me to keep track of my business properly. Once I had a system, I was surprised how my confidence in this area increased. Later on when my business got bigger, I hired this bookkeeper to do it all.

Sometimes there are activities in our business that just need to be outsourced because we just don’t have the necessary skills to do it well. Some experts I have hired are social media, marketing, event planning, admin, business coaching and graphic design experts. I don’t need to know everything but I felt so much more confident when I knew I had an expert doing an activity I was not skilled at.

Invest in your own learning!

When you attend your company’s monthly meetings, participate in teleconference classes and webinars, read business books and attend yearly conferences, you are investing in learning the tools and resources it takes to hone your business and personal skills. Putting what you learn at these activities into practise will not only build your self-confidence but in turn, your business.

Feel the fear and do it anyway!

When you are going out of your comfort zone, it will be SCARY! This is true of everyone. I was petrified the first time I called people to invite them to my business launch, the first time I spoke to someone on the phone to book a show or talk to them about the business opportunity. I was afraid the first time I did my company’s presentation, the first time I asked someone to book a show at checkout and the first time I did an opportunity event, a coaching call or a team meeting. I had butterflies in my stomach for a long time but I DID IT ANYWAY! I did it because I WANTED it!

Do you want it? You might have to feel the fear too (and do it anyway) to make your business successful. Guess what? It gets easier and easier! It won’t get easier, if you don’t do what scares you at all or not often enough to get good at it. It is your choice! Does your confidence increase the more you do it? Yes! Not only does your confidence increase but so does the pride you have in yourself.  Ultimately your business grows too!

Hire a coach!

As a professional coach, I help people to set goals for their business and their life. With direct sellers and network marketers, we work on improving lots of skills like selling, booking, hostess coaching, sponsoring and team building. Increasing confidence is also a goal that my clients have set and achieved as part of their coaching sessions. Confidence is a skill that can be developed through coaching!

If you’d like to learn more about becoming a leader, then check out these steps to becoming a more confident and better leader.

Leave me a comment telling me how you have increased your confidence when doing your business.


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