Increase Your Party Sales Using These 10 Money-Making Activities!

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Increase Your Party Sales Using These 10 Money-Making Activities! Do you want to increase your direct sales productivity and profit? One way you can do this is by strategically increasing your party sales average. With these 10 money-making activities you will begin to increase your party sales average! But before you can increase it, you will need to know what your current party sales average is.

Today, look back at your last 10 parties and find out the total sales at each of your parties. Add the sales of all 10 parties up and then divide by 10. Write down this number. This is your current party sales average! Your aim is to start to increase your average by 25%! Divide your current party sales average number by 4 and add that amount to your current party sales average! This is your new goal: to increase your party sales average by 25% in 3 months!

Using these 10 money-making activities you will increase party sales average by 25% in 3 months! These activities are:

1. Increase the party customer attendee average!

This activity worked THE BEST FOR ME for increasing not only my party attendance and my party sales but also my recruiting (more people at shows means more people you are meeting to introduce your business opportunity)!

E.g. If your current customer attendee average is now 6 and you change it to 10 over time imagine your increase in profit! Your party sales average will increase, the number of shows booked will increase and so will the number of people you could offer your opportunity!!

2. Use a FRANK list to build your hostesses guest list.

A FRANK list is a list of the people you know from each area of your life such as friends, relatives, associates, neighbours and kids connection. It is often used during a new consultant’s business launch. Another money-making activity is to use it with your hostess. Don’t just tell her to use it. During hostess coaching, coach her to build the BIG guest list you both want. You will find my FRANK list here! This step alone could be your MONEY MAKER!

3. Ask your hostess what her MOST DESIRED items are if money was NO object!

Have a conversation with your hostess during your coaching call about what she would like with her rewards. Focus on what she loves about them and build her desire for them. Write down her must-have items (if money was no object) then add the cost up and figure out just how many people that means she needs to have at the show. Let her know she needs to invite 3 times that amount in order to get those items. Reassure her that only one-third of the people invited will attend and that is normal!! She will work hard to get those people there if she knows that she can get the items she REALLY wants!

4. Ask each person to bring guests!

I rarely gave product away but I would to increase the number of people at my shows! On your party invite let people know that they will receive a ticket for each guest they bring and that they will be entered into a draw. It doesn’t have to be for your product just something nice like a candle, a bottle of wine, flowers etc. During hostess coaching, let your hostess know you’ll do this draw and to let all her friends know.

5. Reminder call to hostess and guests!

This is something you don’t want to MISS doing! Call the hostess a couple of days before the show and show how excited you are to go to her home, meet her friends and have a fun party or demonstration. Ask her not only to send a reminder email but to follow-up with a reminder text or phone call to her friends! This will increase your customer attendees average and especially if you remind her again to let her friends know they can bring a friend! Build the excitement and fun for your party and continue to build your relationship with your hostess.

6. Add-ons: Talk strategically about your sale items!

Always have your sale items separated with a SALE sign at your display table and talk about them during your presentation. At the end of your show, bring these items to your check out area and ASK your customers which item they would like to ADD! If you don’t ASK, it won’t happen. If you do this with each customer, you will increase your average order and ultimately, your average party sales.

7. Add-ons: Coordinating items!

If someone picks a necklace always show 2-3 matching earrings. If someone picks a pair of pants, show 2-3 matching tops, if someone picks a spice blend suggest 2-3 other blends that compliment them. You get it!! Have you ever gone to a store and seen the mannequin and bought the whole ensemble! I have and there are tons of people out there who will!! At check out, if they choose one of those items show them again the coordinating items! Ask which items they would like to ADD! Watch your customer party order average grow!!

8. Add- ons: Gifts!

There are always gift giving holidays around the corner! Valentines Day, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, christenings, Christmas and weddings to name a few. During your presentations always talk about specific gifts for the upcoming holidays and what ideas work for each family member or friend. At check out, always ASK, ” Do you have any birthdays, anniversaries or other gift giving events coming up?” You would be surprised how many people will remember something coming up, “Yes, my Mom’s birthday is coming up and she would love your product!” You are reminding them of upcoming gift giving opportunities and providing them with a one-stop shopping service.

9. Follow up and connect with those who can’t make the party!

After the show, follow-up and  connect with everyone who couldn’t make it through email and send them a link to the party. Let them know they can still order through you and how to do it. Also give them the opportunity to book a show at that time and let them know about your opportunity. You never know why they couldn’t attend and you are giving them a personal invitation to connect with you. Again, if you don’t ASK nothing will happen! I’ve added tons of sales doing this after the show has ended and thereby increasing my party sales average. Set this as one of our follow-up tasks after a show.

10. Most importantly, have fun and BE FUN!

Nobody wants to party with a dull person! Be excited about your product, the fact that you are meeting new people and that you enjoy your business. Be genuine and show you are having fun! If you aren’t having fun then nobody else will. People will buy from someone they like and you will increase your chances of booking more shows if you do have fun!

Don’t try all these activities at once! At each show, try one new activity and see how much you increase your party sales average. Keep trying it over the next few parties! When you are comfortable with that activity then add the next and so on! Before long not only will you increase your party sales average by 25% in 3 months but you’ll increase by 50% in 6 months and so on!!!

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Leave me a comment letting me know what you are going to try first. Come back and let me know how it worked for you!


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