Are You Living in the Moment?

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Are you living in the moment? I have always been a goal-oriented person! I have always set goals to move forward and achieve success in my life whether it was as a child, teenager or adult. It was just hard-wired in me. Because of this, I believe I’ve been very successful in all areas of my life and I’m very proud of everything I’ve achieved. There are so many benefits to goal-setting that I’ve personally experienced. Recently however, I realized there is one pitfall that I’ve fallen victim to!  Like the good “goal-oriented” person that I am, I set a goal to change it!

My experience as a Goal-Setter!

I can remember setting a goal as a  young girl to get straight A’s and get on the honour roll every school term. At 12 years old I worked as a newspaper girl and I set a goal to earn enough money to pay for my ticket to travel back to Gibraltar, my birthplace. I worked extremely hard to get the marks I needed to get into the University I had always wanted to attend. I saved money for exotic trips with my kids and husband because that’s what we love to do. I set specific goals and activities to continuously promote to the next level in my former direct sales business. I was highly motivated to set these and other goals by myself and do whatever it took to reach those goals.

In my life, there has always been something I wanted to strive for! There is always another goal to set, something exciting to reach and something to work hard for! I love the feeling of always striving for more! It’s how I’ve chosen to live my life. I’ve always enjoyed it! Recently, I spoke with my eldest son who is 23 years old and he described about how much “in the moment” he is. He enjoys being totally immersed in the moment and can think of nothing else but the people, place or experience he’s in at any given moment. It sounded pretty wonderful having him explain it and I realize I’m the total opposite of that. I can enjoy the moment but my mind is always on the “next big thing”! I explained to him that I’m always looking at things from a distance.  I can see what’s just happened, what is happening and what will happen next but am I truly immersed in the moment? No, I don’t think I am! Are you?

It led me to ask the questions,  “Why am I like this? Why am I not more in the moment”? I’m not sure exactly why but I decided it might be the results of the roles in my life! I’m the oldest in my family and a Mother of 3 and I’ve almost always been the planner and of course the one who likes to be in control. That’s another blog post!!

Why I started #100happydays.

I’ve recently heard a lot about a program called #100happydays. As I read more into it I thought it might just be the thing for me to learn to be more “in the moment” and enjoy today for today and be happy for the little things in life and not just for the latest goal I’ve worked for and achieved. I’ve always been fascinated with the whole concept of happiness! What makes a person happy?  How can one be more happy? I would recommend the books “The Happiness Project” and “Happier at Home” by Gretchen Rubin. Back to the #100happydays! This 100-day happiness challenge asks the question, “Can you be happy 100 days in a row?” and as a social media project it asks that you stop and appreciate a moment in your day that makes you happy and post it on social media. I’m posting these pictures on my personal Facebook page. The whole point is to not post about your latest vacation or newest purchase but to train yourself to focus on the little things that lift your spirit and ultimately enjoy those little moments. I see this project as a way to be more present in my life and to notice the “little things” more in order to feel more grateful and therefore happy. I feel I need to do more of that.

Here are the results of my #100happydays! Leave me a comment and let me know if you’re joining me in this project!

As your Goals Coach, I can help you clarify what it means to have the life you want.  I can help you to clarify your vision, untangle your own unique challenges and bring out the necessary steps to help move you forward to achieve your ultimate goals.

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About Sandra

In a previous life, Sandra was an adult educator, counsellor and trainer. While running a successful direct marketing business she became passionate about business, social media and coaching. She strives everyday for a life full of health, wellness, adventure, passion and purpose!


  1. I love this! I do a weekly exercise/ blog post on gratitude every Saturday. I re-cap my week and think of ten things I am thankful for about it. I love the idea of living mindfully and with gratitude for 100 days. That’s just about the length of the kid’s summer vacation…

    • Thanks Jen! It is sure making a difference and I also love doing it over the summer months. I’d like to do it over the winter months again because I think for me it will REALLY be a challenge!

  2. Hi Sandra! I agree “being in the moment” is a key to happiness and making memories. Like you, I’m a planner. Always looking ahead! I get lost in the planning and preparing and can feel disappointed afterward because the event is over so fast. I feel like I’ve missed it. I’d like to do the #100happydays with you. Sounds fun!

  3. Hi Sandra! I’m stopping over from Let’s Get Real today. I read this article the other day and shared it with my husband. With our busy schedules, we have been struggling with “Living in the moment”. I want to enjoy life and this busy time with our children so we are focusing on ways that we can make this happen. Thanks so much for this article. It has made a difference in our lives.

    • I am so flattered that you showed it to your husband, Christina! Thank you. I feel this exercise is really working to make me more aware of my daily activities and what are the little things that make me happy!

  4. I need to get better about living in the moment. I’ve had a lot of terrible things happen these last few years and I can’t seem but feel like I’m doomed to bad luck forever. No one wants to live like that. Perhaps focusing on today, this moment, instead of yesterday would help. It’s just really hard to put forth. Stopping by from Lets Get Real.

    • I’m so sorry that you’ve had such a hard time. It is usually during those times when we have to be a bit more intentional about finding happiness and focusing on today! Good-luck Chrystal and take care:)

  5. Anna Maria Cervo says:

    Hi Sandra. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences. I have been living in the moment for 9 years now. I am blessed to be surrounded by my friends and family that accept me for me! Accepting my anxiety and depression allows me to live my emotions, and embrace all of them in the moment. Living in the moment means feeling everything and denying nothing.

    • Thank you Anna for sharing too! I enjoy living this way so much more! I need to constantly remind myself to be grateful everyday for what I have.

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