Motivate With Their Why

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Motivate With Their Why Leaders are always looking for ways to motivate their teams to succeed in their direct sales business.  Learning to motivate with their WHY is a great way to accomplish this! It is especially true with your newest recruit to ensure she takes off to a successful start!

What does “their WHY” mean?

In the direct sales industry, it is known as the motivating reason a consultant is interested in doing their business, the force that is driving their actions to succeed. The clearer someone’s WHY is, the more motivation, drive and energy someone will have towards wanting to act and succeed in their business. For the leader, knowing someone’s WHY is instrumental in helping you to motivate them during your new consultant training, coaching calls and promotion strategy calls. It is especially useful when someone is floundering. Re-connecting them to the vision of their WHY can re-motivate them to continue pursuing their WHY. During a coaching call, starting with, “What is your WHY”?, re-aligns someone with their vision and their goal.

Here are some question to help you to identify your newest consultant’s WHY:

  1. Why did you join the company?
  2. What are your goals? Financial, Personal, other?
  3. Tell me about your family, work, interests?
  4. What usually motivates you to achieve your goals?
  5. How do you like to be recognized and celebrated?

Ask more questions as needed to find out what is the single most reason why they are doing this business so you can motivate with their WHY. For example, if they have gotten started for financial reasons, then how much are they wanting to make per month? Is it to help run the household or for a specific item. Having something like a trip to focus on could be very motivating. e.g. a trip to Hawaii or Disney. This could be a very motivating WHY. An other example, might be more personal. They might want to succeed at a specific goal, like earn a promotion. Again this could be very motivating. As a leader, you can see that becoming really clear about what they want to achieve can not only help them to motivate themselves but can help you to coach them to success. Be sure you have this conversation in your first coaching session.

For more tips on how to help your newest consultant’s to a successful start, sign up to receive my e-book, The Direct Sales Leader Checklist: 15 Effective Tips To Confidently Coach Your Direct Sales Team To a Successful Start! Comment below with your WHY! What is the highly motivating reason WHY you do your direct sales business?




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