Networking Beyond Family and Friends!

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Networking Beyond Family and Friends Establishing relationships within your community at professional networking events will help you to meet brand new people beyond your family and friends. Networking can be scary for some and some people just don’t know how to do it effectively. Consultants who are at the top of their game network consistently and teach their teams to do this too. Networking is a necessary part of direct sales/network marketing and can make a big difference to how successful you are in business. With these tips below you will feel more comfortable, confident and more successful at networking.

10 Tips to networking beyond family and friends!

  1. Get over those first nerves. Be sure to arrive early so you can become comfortable in a new setting and bring a friend/colleague with you.  Practice your introduction at home. Practice makes perfect.
  2. Always have business cards ready. Having business cards ready keeps your relationship going with this contact and shows you are professional and serious about business.
  3. Always ask for business cards. If you meet someone you would like to keep in touch with, be sure to ask for their card. Keep a pen so you can take a few notes on the back of the card you can mention when you speak to them again.
  4. Be prepared with your best 30 second commercial. Be sure to tell them what you do, how you do it and what problem you solve and not just your title which might not mean anything to your contact.
  5. Ask what they do. Care about the other person, what they do and ask questions. Be genuine to help establish a closer relationship.
  6. Be prepared to answer their questions. Learn to talk easily and intelligently about your products, hosting and your business opportunity
  7. Find similar interests. This is relationship building 101. Bonding over what you have in common. You could talk about your interests, your kids, travel etc. This could be something you could make plans at a later date to do or connect about.
  8. Ask for leads. If your product or business is not right for them, it doesn’t mean they don’t know someone who could benefit from your product. Always be sure to ask for leads, referrals and introduction to others who may find your business interesting.
  9. Ask what other events they attend. Are there any other networking events they would recommend for you based on your product? Any vendor events? Do any of them sound right for you and your business?
  10. Use social media. Many networking events have hashtags that they use to promote their group. Be sure to post a picture of yourself at the event on the social media channels your target market hangs out in. When people see you treat your business as a business, they are more apt to ask questions and take it seriously.

Networking and developing relationships and friendships take time but can be rewarding. With a little practice, you will feel much more comfortable and confident and get over your nerves at a networking event. To learn how to continue building relationships after the networking event, read this post.

As a leader, networking is a great activity to encourage your team to take part in. If you’d like to learn more about becoming a leader, then check out these steps to becoming a better, more confident leader.

What do you find difficult when going to networking events? Comment below!



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