Relationship Building Tips for After the Networking Event

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If you don’t follow-up after the event, you might as well not have gone to the networking event at all. When I started networking, I would collect tons of business cards, put them on my desk in my office and they would just sit there collecting dust.

Does this sound familiar?

I really thought that the networking event was it! You had to make a connection there and if you didn’t that was the end of that. It took others to show me the way! After a while, I began to see that others where trying to continue building a relationship with me after the event.

Here are 5 tips I learned from others to continue relationship building after a networking event:

They connected with me online.

At the event, they would give me their phone to add me on Facebook. This meant that we connected via social media at the event and could continue to build a relationship online. When I began to do this too it made a huge difference! I no longer needed to pile business cards on my desk if I was connected online. I also found out there were apps were you could scan business cards and keep it all on your phone.


They messaged me after the event.

Since we had exchanged business cards (or connected online) and began to build a relationship at the event, they messaged me saying they enjoyed meeting me and they looked forward to chatting more. They also let me know that if I ever needed their business to call them up or to provide their name as a referral. I appreciated this and this made me remember these business owners and I have called them or provided a referral since they stood out from others who didn’t do this.


They set up a meeting.

Because we had built an online relationship, I’ve had business owners reach out to set up a meeting. They invited me to meet for a coffee so we could get to know each other, talk about each other’s business and how we might collaborate in the future. This is a great way to get to know each other in a more casual situation so much different from the networking events. Here it is just two people with more time to connect and discuss mutually beneficial opportunities. This is my preferred way to connect with others in business.


They invited me to another event. 

Because we hit it off and wanted to continue engaging with each other, I’ve had some business owners invite me to come along to another networking event that they thought might benefit me or they invited me to a vendor event or an upcoming event that my target market might frequent. I really appreciated this because usually they were events that I had no knowledge about and it brought me into a new area.


They referred me.

As a result of our continued relationship building and because they got to know me and my business better,  they thought of me later on. By continuing to interact not only do you gain a business friend, but when they or their friends need your products, you will be top of mind. A referral is a great way to grow your business.

I learned these 5 tips to continue relationship building after a networking event and began to apply them and train my team. If you really want to get to know other business owners and have them learn about you and your business, these tips will help you to grow your business. As a leader, this is a great activity to encourage your team to take part in. If you’d like to learn more about becoming a leader, then check out these steps to becoming a more confident and better leader.

Do you have any best tips to help continue relationship building after a networking event?


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