Setting Highly Motivating Goals for Success!

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Do you want to be successful? Do you want to grow in your personal and professional life? Incredibly successful people use highly motivating goals to get where they want to go!

When you look at highly successful people you know and admire, have you ever thought, “Wow, they are so lucky”! They have everything! Take a really good look at this person. It’s not luck! Successful people select activities and goals that they are likely to succeed in. Their success comes from creating their own luck! They know the secret to setting goals! A successful goal is a goal that is so highly motivating that there is no way it can fail. When you have a highly motivating goal you are laser focused to achieve it. Make Your Own Luck!

Successful people’s goal-setting results in high activity and high performance! You are pulled to achieve it!   Successful people not only use logic to set their goals but most importantly they listen to their “gut” or what I call their “spidey sense”! It is that feeling of “knowing” at your core, your inner voice, that makes the most powerful goal-setting tool!

Most of us don’t listen to our gut or our inner voice when we make goals. Others control and tell us that we have to achieve certain things. For example we must complete certain tasks at work to get promotions or at home to be a good parent. We often let society dictate what our goals should be. Are you goal setting for goals that really fit YOU? Perhaps that’s why you aren’t motivated to reach these goals. Are the goals you’re setting really for you?

 You will be able to tell if your goals are highly motivating when your mind is calm and relaxed. We have to learn to hear this “knowing” part of ourselves. You are only attuned to your “inner voice” when you learn to let go and relax. Now ask yourself, “What do I really love to do?” Where do I really want to go? What images, thoughts, and feelings come to mind? Write this down. Take a break from the question for a while and let your sub-conscious work on it for a while. Come back to the question again when you can really let your mind go. Go for a quiet walk or take a relaxing bath and ask yourself these questions again. Pay attention to what comes to your mind. Again write it down.

Goals are a tool to get you from where you are right now to somewhere else in the future. Where are you being pulled to go? When you picture that goal in your mind do you feel a sense of happiness or do you feel anxious and fearful? A goal that takes you to a state of happiness will always have the most pull and therefore the most success! The surer you are of the direction you want to go the more confidence you have and the more motivation you have to achieve your goal! Make the time to listen to your inner voice, make you own luck and be the success you want to be!

As your Goals Coach, I can help you clarify what it means to have the life you want.  I can help you to clarify your vision, untangle your own unique challenges and bring out the necessary steps to help move you forward to achieve your ultimate goals.

What highly motivating goals will help you succeed?

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About Sandra

In a previous life, Sandra was an adult educator, counsellor and trainer. While running a successful direct marketing business she became passionate about business, social media and coaching. She strives everyday for a life full of health, wellness, adventure, passion and purpose!


  1. I think it is so difficult to set goals for myself. I find that I set limiting goals or don’t know how to dream big enough. Your discussion here has really got me thinking.

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