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I want to teach women to live purposeful, passionate and adventurous lives through the setting and achievement of their desired goals.

Active goal setting in all areas of my life has given me the power and confidence to change and improve my life many times over.   I give women the tools they need to transform their lives and the motivation and inspiration to do it for themselves!

The dreams you have don’t have to stay a dream!  Active goal setting can make your dreams a reality.  You can invigorate and transform your life!

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DREAM IT! CREATE IT! LIVE IT! Goal-setting for direct sales growth.

DREAM IT! CREATE IT! LIVE IT! Goal-Setting For Direct Sales/Network Marketing Growth!

You know you want it all but you just can’t seem to get motivated. The thought of achieving success in your life and business seems overwhelming to you. You have big plans for your life and business; including sales, promotion and team building goals!

You CAN have all the things you want! Whatever you want to change or achieve in your life and business, you can!!

Setting goals is crucial to having the personal and professional success you want and deserve! If you can DREAM it, you can CREATE it, and you can LIVE It! You just need a PLAN!

During this two-hour goal-setting workshop, I’ll walk you through a step-by-step process to set and achieve highly motivating goals!


By the end of the workshop you will…

  1. Generate and write some general goals for your life and business
  2. Set one SMART goal for your life and business that will influence all your other goals
  3. Identify what could sabotage you on the way there and learn how to be prepared to handle these situations.
  4. Create an actionable plan and find an accountability partner to get started implementing your most important goal

I met Sandra at a conference for women in direct sales. She was one of the speakers, and her topic was on goal setting. Her segment was one of the most valuable of the day because her approach was hands-on. Not only did she talk about how to set goals, she actually walked us through a couple of exercises that led to setting a priority goal in our lives, and one in our businesses. As we shared our goals, Sandra did some fine-tuning and trouble-shooting, which was also valuable learning. At a time when information is abundant, what’s really valuable is content that leads to action and change. I went home with not only new knowledge, but with a personal action plan on the steps to move forward. Thank you Sandra! Mary Gauthier, Independent Marketing Partner, L’dara International, www.beautiful-one.ldara.com

I attended a conference where Sandra was speaking on goal setting and it was one of the most effective talks I’ve ever heard. She guided us through the whole exercise on how to “walk the walk” and not just “talk the talk”, which made a huge difference in both my personal and professional life. I would recommend Sandra to anyone who is looking to grow their business – whatever it is! Melanie Fahie, Gold Canyon Fragrance Consultant, melanief.mygc.com 

Thank you for your amazing presentation. Hope you will be able to do more work shops with the PWVEEO in the future. We all had such a great learning experience today. Lynn Crawford, Perth Women’s Vendor Events of Eastern Ontario, http://tinyurl.com/lcsu2hx

Sandra, I can’t thank you enough for your workshop on Goal Setting! I have this quarter’s business goals and tracking on paper. Now I am working on short-term personal goals and on to tackle longer-term goals! So motivating and validating! Joyce Drouin, Angel Blessings, angelblessings111@gmail.com

Speaking Topics:

I can speak, create a workshop or webinar on any topic:

  • How to get out of your own way and start recruiting (Recruiting 101)
  • Goal-setting for direct sales success
  • Becoming a better direct sales leader
  • How to motivate, inspire and grow your team
  • How to build leaders

Together we can create a workshop or talk on a subject suitable to you and your business.


Attention Direct Sales Leaders

Now, you have the opportunity to have me deliver this workshop or any other workshop your team needs training in via webinar.. Let me help you help your team.

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