Andrea Smith

I had the pleasure of working with Sandra for over 2 years. I always looked forward to our accountability calls and I appreciated her solution-focused approach to tackling obstacles in my business as well as celebrating my wins. Sandra helped me identify my strengths and together we created an action plan for future success and personal goal achievement. I would recommend Sandra to anyone who is ready to work and wanting to grow their business.


Stephanie Campbell

Working with Sandra is one of my most favourable experiences while navigating the challenges of a new business venture. Her approach is so open and inviting. When working with Sandra I truly felt that she listened, cared and shared in my own goals and successes and was so patient and helpful in trying to get me there. Her own experiences and success shine through and go so far beyond goal setting and becoming successful with a business – she is an amazing sounding board, role player, and offers new objective perspectives, skills and encouragement to keep me focused, optimistic, confident and successful.  She helped me from goal setting, time management, approaches and methods with social media to navigating my own self confidence in obtaining new contacts and customers in my new role.
Thanks to Sandra’s coaching while starting one business within direct sales, she has helped me to build my own skill set and confidence exponentially… to the point that I have enough to have recently added another!
My experiences with Sandra provided me invaluable skills to run a business…and I’m very grateful to say, a friend.


Nina Sanger

I worked with Sandra Butler during a tumultuous, transitional time in my life. I was having a great deal of trouble completing tasks and working my business. I was so overwhelmed, I didn’t know where to start. Sandra listened well and asked just the right questions and then showed me how to prioritize my time. She helped me understand what percentage of time to put into each part of my business and then she helped me break it all down into manageable bite size pieces that didn’t overwhelm me. She didn’t ever make me feel shame for not being consistent, or able to figure these things out on my own, on the contrary, she helped me to accept where I was at and to adapt what I was doing to my current life situation. I still use the skills she taught me to this day when I feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.


Heather Anderson

I was lucky enough to have been coached by Sandra very early in my journey as a Peekaboo Beans stylist, and oh man did she ever help me!! Organization was the 1st area we tackled. I was a hot mess and didn’t even know where to begin. The orders were piling in daily and she helped me come up with a system that worked for me. She was able to get me on track and allow myself “the permission” to take a day off for myself once a week. This was truly important because I was working 24/7 and heading towards burning out. Another area that Sandra was super helpful in was helping me with my confidence so that I could pass these skills onto new members of our company and guide them through the process smoothly. I now have 8 friends that have signed up under me to sell and are as excited about it as I am! I am so grateful to Sandra for everything and now have a lifelong friend! Thank you Sandra!


Villeneuve_Nirah_HeadshotNirah Villeneuve

I have had the great pleasure of being coached by Sandra Butler for almost 3 years.  She was instrumental in the success of my business – helping me grow my sales force from 0 to over 200 stylists and increasing my income exponentially.   I honestly don’t know where I would be without her!  She is a delight to work with, always punctual and professional.  I had never been a “goal setting” person, but with Sandra’s help, I was able to make and work towards specific goals that would not only improve my business but also the work/life/family balance that we all struggle with as business owners.  I adored working with her and saw fantastic results and attribute a lot of my success to her!


1483416_10151954376188153_780378095_nErica MacKinnon

To encourage, empower, and motivate are only three great qualities of a coach, and without a doubt Sandra Butler demonstrates these not only in the way she works, but the way she lives. I am so thankful for the time she invested in my career, always seeing & believing the best in me, and encouraging me to do the same. Her methods of asking thought-provoking questions, and allowing me to come to the solutions on my own have lead me to a deeper understanding of what makes me tick, and lead me to work smarter, not harder, embracing the quality of life that is truly important to me.


hooplabreakfast pic 400x600 minimumMonica Miller

I worked with Sandra for almost 3 years and in that time she helped guide and mentor me… she’s gentle, caring, kind, yet not afraid to ask tough questions. Sandra leads with a natural grace and joy that she passes on to her team… I now find myself patterning my own leadership after Sandra’s and often find myself asking “What would Sandra do?”  She’s always fully present and has inspired me to be a better leader and person.”


photo 36Cacia Mcdougal 

As my coach with Stella and Dot, Sandra helped me by being a pace-setter. To see someone consistently leading by example showed me what worked and I always knew that you could count on her to lead the way.  I was able to reach out to her, stay accountable, and expect that she would be there to encourage me when I needed it most! I had a goal (and have) to reach a certain level with Stella and Dot and she walked me through that and helped me set attainable goals for my life.   Most of what I have now with Stella and Dot, I contribute to Sandra’s coaching. Her ability to help her team be effective in their businesses is what made her one of the best leaders in Stella and Dot!


39011_449154930931_2279467_nDanielle Redner, Global VP of Training, Stella & Dot

Sandra was an effective coach leading a team of independent contractors, which I have learned over the years is a true blend of soft skills and sales acumen – the best type of coaching, developing the whole person.