Top Consistent Booking Techniques

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Top Consistent Booking Techniques One of the most important parts of having a successful direct sales business is having consistent bookings! Doing these top consistent booking techniques is the secret to always have bookings on your calendar and to always growing your business.

Here are my top consistent booking techniques. The secret to always having bookings is to do these CONSISTENTLY!

Monthly Booking blitzes:

Participate in your company wide booking blitzes or create your own. Booking blitzes once a month will consistently keep your bookings up! If you aren’t consistently booking shows at your shows yet, participate in a booking blitz once per month with your direct sales company and team. It will not only keep your bookings up but your whole team’s as well. In order to do this, some preparation is needed. You will need to have your prospect list continuously updated and always have new prospects to add before each monthly blitz. Add new people every month to continuously bring new blood into your business whether it’s to book with new hostesses or to sponsor new consultants. Before a booking blitz, you’ll need to prepare what you will say. Be sure to find your company’s booking script and amend it so it sounds like you. You’ll also need to send your prospects an email or an image of that month’s hostess benefit before you call them. When you do call, you’ll be following up from your email so you won’t be cold calling. Always focus on creating a personal connection with each person when you call to book. A booking blitz takes a dedicated time where you set aside 30 mins or an hour each month to make back to back phone calls to everyone on your prospecting list (that you’ve been putting off to book with). Doing it with the whole company or with your team gives you more confidence because you are doing it together and makes a dreaded activity into a fun one. Be sure to have challenges and prizes for your team if they participate. Doing this activity consistently every month will ensure you and your team will always have bookings!

Weekly Prospecting Day:

Set aside a day of the week every week to prospect. The first week of the month you’ll be prospecting with a booking blitz. If you choose Monday as your day to prospect then every Monday at the beginning of a new line launch send out 10 catalogues to 10 people on your prospecting list (these can be new prospects or past customers and hostesses but always concentrate first on new people). Remember that even though it might be easier or cheaper to send a link to an electronic catalogue there are people out there (I’m one of them) that love sitting with a cup of coffee, a catalogue and a pen to choose my purchases. Isn’t it great these days when you get something in the mail? When was the last time you had something personal delivered to you? When sending a catalogue be sure to write a personal note letting the person know you’ve been thinking of them and direct them to the page of an item you think they would love. Then let them know you’ll be connecting in the following week and be sure you keep your promise! The following week on your prospecting day, call all those 10 people you sent catalogues to and use your booking script to book. During a new line launch, I would do this for 4 weeks straight and consistently booked up my calendar.

Once you get really proficient at booking shows at your shows which will happen if you work at it consistently, you will not have to do the above booking techniques as often. However, if you have a team, you need to coach them to do these activities consistently and participate with them. A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way. – John C Maxwell

And of course once in a while, everyone has an empty calendar no matter how long you’ve been in direct sales and that’s when I recommend doing some of these activities.

Immediately after reading this blog post, BLOCK some time to do these activities in your calendar and watch your bookings increase consistently. Leave me a comment with your best booking technique to always keep your bookings up. If you’d like more tips like these please consider signing up for my bi-monthly newsletter.


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