When NOT TO Sponsor!

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When NOT to Sponsor January is usually a high sponsoring month in direct sales and network marketing! Everyone is looking to improve themselves with a new adventure, a new challenge and/or new goals to reach! It’s common to focus on recruiting in January in your business because so many people are looking for a new opportunity like yours! You should however be aware that even though sponsoring is what you want to do, there are situations when NOT TO sponsor!

Do NOT sponsor if you don’t sell the minimum.

In direct sales, before you receive commissions from your team sales you usually must sell a minimum. If you are not able to consistently sell this amount from month to month it doesn’t make sense to recruit someone and spend the time training and coaching them.

DO spend the time training yourself.

Train yourself to increase your sales and not only consistently reach this minimum but surpass it first. Ask your upline for coaching help to learn how to book and sell! Only when you are a consistent seller should you sponsor and teach your downline to do the same.

Do NOT sponsor someone who only wants your discount.

If you recruit someone who is telling you they only want to sign up to get the discount, in most party plan direct sales businesses (other direct sales companies encourage a membership sign up) this means you will miss out on business that potential demonstrations will yield. Someone who joins to get a discount will likely also offer the discount to their friends and you will then lose the customers who would book and possibly join the business if this person were to stay as a customer or hostess.

DO sponsor someone who wants to do the business.

When having a sponsoring conversation with your potential recruit, ask,”Are you wanting to run this as a business and are you wanting to do demonstrations (parties) like I do?” Only if someone is ready and willing to follow the business structure of your direct sales company should you have them join you.

Do NOT Sponsor if you don’t want to support your recruit.

If you don’t plan to train and coach this downline then do NOT sponsor them. It isn’t fair to not support someone who you have encouraged onto your team. Don’t use the excuses that you aren’t good at training or you don’t have time.

DO Sponsor if you want to learn how to train, coach and support your team.

You can learn to become confident at these and other skills. It doesn’t require a lot of time if you set dedicated time to train to get them started and show them how to self- train and where to find the resources they need. When you first became a parent you didn’t know everything but you still did it. Coaching is like parenting. You learn by doing.

This year when you sponsor someone onto your team be sure the situation is right. This will increase your chances of success. If you are looking to have your recruit start right, consider signing up for my FREE¬†e-book, The Direct Sales Leader’s Coaching Checklist,¬†15 Effective Tips to Confidently Coach Your Direct Sales Team to a Successful Start.

Leave me a comment letting me know of other situations you’ve encountered when NOT to sponsor.


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